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Phoebe Buffay Style Only Starts With The Clothes


Watching Friends as a full series on Netflix made two things very clear to me. Phoebe Buffay was the best. And I want to be just like the Phoebes. I’d even take the name Phoebo. She seems so much wiser and reasonable than I recall from when it was live. Perhaps now I understand style is in the way you live. Until I can embrace my full Phoebe, I will follow her style rules as explained by Man Repeller.


  • The perfect jacket is one with full personality, and ideally fringe. Make it an A+ worthy.


  • Sleeveless dresses are meant to live with a turtleneck. Start pairing them.


  • Bright and happy designs are a must. Smiley faces, flowers, and anything that brings a smile to your face.


  • Colorful jackets are also a must. Your style is your personality, so if you are a rainbow, go full technicolor.


  • Silk slip with Dr. Martens. Very few things are this 90’s. Well, the Rachel haircut with 501 Levi jeans and a crop top is, but we are going for stinky cat singing personality here. So boots with a dress it is.


My personal #6 rule is to wear Santa pants when you are pregnant with triplets. It’s no longer the 90’s. No one will ask why. It will just be.

Always dress for yourself. A good place to start with a just as you like it attitude is JustFab, a subscription service that creates your personal boutique. Your boutique always carries handbags, shoes, denim, and jewelry that feels like it was made just for you. I follow them on Pinterest for outfit inspiration everyday!


Ann Noly says:

I like rule number 6: Waer Santa pants when you are pregnant with triplets. It’s no longer the 90’s. I love doing that especially when doing essay writing australia at home. It pains me to see many people ignore this vital rule.