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News of Innovation in the Pet Food Industry

Original article here. Freshpet Inc which is one of the companies making waves in the pet food industry. Their line of pet foods is like feeding your dog human smelling food which is the complete opposite of what old canned food used to smell like. This new pet food, which is on the forefront of innovation, does not come cheap to the buyer and can be more than double the cost of regular canned pet foods. However sales of the dog food have risen a total 37 percent over the last year. $103 million was made just in the recent years according to a researcher. This figure is by no means small but if you look at the global pet food market it accounts to only 1 percent. The Freshpet Inc company went public last year but unfortunately has had to show investors a 5th straight loss in a row.

Nestle Purina Petcare who also produce the Beneful Dog line of pet foods has been making pet food since 2001 when they merged with Ralston Purina. Beneful line of dog food was specifically made for the consumers who were both health and ingredient conscious. Providing consumers with a great variety of foods produced from only the best ingredients. Their high quality food set the standard of nutritionally dense dog specific foods and have been a major revenue source for the Beneful company. Some of the first foods brought out by the company were dishes resembling stew and contained 100 percent beef. Something no other manufacturer was doing at the time. Beneful actually means full of goodness and that is what they strive for with every product.

If you desire your own personal touch the company has recently launched a website where users can do just that. Combine the ingredients that you would like your dog to eat and they can make it for you. Combining a variety of different proteins, like salmon, beef, chicken and with organically grown vegetables is an industry first. Your dog will love it!