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Doe Deere: An Inspiration to Individual Fashion

It’s not acceptable to mix patterns. You can have dramatic eyes and dark lips. Dark lips are only alright with wild hair colors. Crazy hair colors just aren’t alright in everyday society. Don’t wear socks with open toed shoes or sandals.

We’ve all heard them. They are the rules of fashion. These and so many other rules are made to dumb down individualization and make everyone look the same, but who are these people that decide what is and what isn’t acceptable for you?

Doe Deere faced these things all her life. From a very young age she enjoyed fashion, makeup, and above all… color. She was fascinated with pinks, greens, purples, and all the beautiful colors that make up the wondrous world around us, but there was one problem. When she went out to buy makeup everything was the same. Lip colors were limited to pinks, reds, nudes, and browns. Eyeshadow was all light colors with a few dark things here and there made only to contour. All the beautiful bright shades she loved all her life were rarely found and when they were found they weren’t highly pigmented and good quality.

Doe was inspired to create Lime Crime, a line of makeup that was inspired by her love of color and breaking the rules of fashion. She’s made highly pigmented makeup with beautiful shades that spread individuality. They inspire you to look beyond what is socially acceptable and to look inside yourself at who you really are and how you want to show that to the world.

Doe urges the world to dress and do makeup on what feels right. Mix purple with orange. Dye your hair wild colors. Mix paisley with stripes. It’s ok! Express your individual freedom and be the person you want to be, not who the world wants to turn you into.

She’s made her life’s work about this individual freedom and shown people all over the world that it is possible to become successful while expressing your individuality. Doe can be typically seen sporting wild hair colors and lip colors that your mother would have never been caught dead in. She’s used this freedom of sense of self to become one of the most successful individual makeup creators in the business. She urges people to follow their dreams just as she has in creating this amazing line of makeup that is also completely animal friendly.

She’s been an inspiration to many other upcoming fashion and makeup designers. They see someone become successful by creating what they love and they are inspired to do the same. Doe has paved a way for individuals to get out there and create what they love. She’s leading a whole new generation into a new age of personal freedom and expression.

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Pure Ingredient Dog Food is the new Fad

Many pet owners are jumping on the band wagon when it comes to feeding their furry friends the delectable natural dog food. The billion dollar market for dog food is increasing rapidly as pet owners are realizing the benefits of feed their dogs quality, nutritional dog food. As they see their animals at part of the family, they are quick to realize that they need to eat like they are part of the family as well. As more and more companies are adding delicious natural ingredients to their dog food, they are noticing the life span and agility increasing in their animals.

When pet owners are searching for quality dog food with essential ingredients, they can find exactly what their animal needs with Beneful. Beneful is created by Purinastore, which has been a trusted brand for many years. They take pride in providing exactly what your dog needs. They have quality and testing control measures that tesr each bag for quality and freshness. Their ingredients are raw and pure. They also offer different type of dog foods that are geared towards different breeds who are at different stages in their life. If you have a senior dog, they have a specific type of dog food that is geared towards the essential nutrients that older dogs need. They have a premium selection for puppies and adult dogs as well.

Beneful takes extreme pride in the quality of their dog food and ensures that the purest ingredients are added to the mixture. By using local farmers that are right down the road and guaranteeing satisfaction, Beneful‘s selection of dog food is most definitely something to try.

Many people realize and respect the fact the the billion dollar market is leaning towards the diet of a wolf. They are following the organic trends of what their ancestors eat and are basing their findings from that. Dogs are living longer, healthier lives with more quality. Pet owners are satisfied with the quality of the ingredients and know that they are feeding their pet the best possible dog food on the market. Their furry members of the family are eating healthier, just like us.


News of Innovation in the Pet Food Industry

Original article here. Freshpet Inc which is one of the companies making waves in the pet food industry. Their line of pet foods is like feeding your dog human smelling food which is the complete opposite of what old canned food used to smell like. This new pet food, which is on the forefront of innovation, does not come cheap to the buyer and can be more than double the cost of regular canned pet foods. However sales of the dog food have risen a total 37 percent over the last year. $103 million was made just in the recent years according to a researcher. This figure is by no means small but if you look at the global pet food market it accounts to only 1 percent. The Freshpet Inc company went public last year but unfortunately has had to show investors a 5th straight loss in a row.

Nestle Purina Petcare who also produce the Beneful Dog line of pet foods has been making pet food since 2001 when they merged with Ralston Purina. Beneful line of dog food was specifically made for the consumers who were both health and ingredient conscious. Providing consumers with a great variety of foods produced from only the best ingredients. Their high quality food set the standard of nutritionally dense dog specific foods and have been a major revenue source for the Beneful company. Some of the first foods brought out by the company were dishes resembling stew and contained 100 percent beef. Something no other manufacturer was doing at the time. Beneful actually means full of goodness and that is what they strive for with every product.

If you desire your own personal touch the company has recently launched a website where users can do just that. Combine the ingredients that you would like your dog to eat and they can make it for you. Combining a variety of different proteins, like salmon, beef, chicken and with organically grown vegetables is an industry first. Your dog will love it!



The Survival of Yeonmi Park

Try to imagine being a thirteen year old where the happiest days of your life is having a meal. Imagine what it’s like to not understand what it’s free will, and to know so little of a world beyond your own. This is only a small piece of the story of Yeomni Park as told on The Reason. Yeomni is from North Korea where she lived with her father, mother, and sister. While living in oppressive North Korea Yeomni’s father smuggled goods in order to make money for his family. He was arrested and was sent to prison, while Yeomni and her family were forced to live in unbearable conditions. Never knowing where food would come from, and hoping that sickness would stay away was a daily concern. Eunmi, Yeomni’s sister left the family and headed North, with Yeomni not knowing where her sister was and if she was truly safe. Finally, it was Yeomni’s mother that decided to save her daughter and herself knowing they needed to escape North Korea. Entering into China they were met with a harrowing and a life altering run in with human traffickers. Yeomni’s mother was raped in front of her daughter yet still put herself in harms way to save her youngest child. After 2 years they were fortunately released from their nightmare and headed to South Korea. Sadly Yeomni’s father died after his release from prison, he died of untreated colon cancer. They were however eventually reunited with Yeomni’s sister Eunmi. Her story is one of triumph and courage, and with a fierce mind and a brave heart Yeomni continues to shine light on what is really happening in North Korea. She is steadfast in her pride of being from North Korea, while making sure that the world hears what Kim Jong II’s regime is doing to the people of her land.