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It Might Be Time to Start Being Envious of Fido’s Dinner

Every dog has a complex and unique personality. But there are some things which almost every dog brings into his or her household. And one of these is the envious look that dogs give to their owners plate when dinnertime comes around. This can often be a difficult experience for dog owners who want to give their pets a great and enjoyable life. After all, a great meal is a very important part of people’s day. It’s natural that dog owners would want to provide the same for their pets. But at the same time dogs have unique nutritional requirements which make simply giving them human food ill advised. But an article published in the Daily Herald details several companies who are working on a solution to that problem. And that solution is coming in the form of high quality gourmet dog food. One might wonder just how how quality dog food can be. And the answer to that can be plainly seen by executives, interviewed in the article, who sample their own dog food during tours. The dog food is designed to meet a dog’s special nutritional needs. But is using fresh ingredients that even humans love. But these are far from the first companies to head in that direction. In fact, one high quality dog food brand dates back to 2001. This company, Beneful, created their name specifically to list their intent. And that is to create food that can offer the full range of nutritional benefits to the family dog. And they quickly decided that the best way to do so was to work exclusively with the highest quality ingredients. The results are plain to see when anyone opens up a bag of the dog food. Most dog foods seem like a shapeless mass. But Purina Beneful dog food is made with fresh ingredients, and they can be plainly seen in every bag. The chunks of chicken, beef, healthy vegetables and other healthy ingredients are plainly visible to the eye. And because these are all fresh and natural, they even have a texture that dogs love to feel between their teeth. Beneful’s ensured that they have a dog food that might even provide fresher ingredients than what people have on their own dinner plate.