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Putting the Health into Dog Food

Richard Thompson and Michael Hieger run the pet food company: Freshpet Inc. They’re main concern is to develop food with natural, healthy and real ingredient. The two showcase that the meat in their pet food is real during a tour of the factory. The company creates only refrigerated pet food for cats and dogs, which is the pet food of the future. Freshpet Inc. is only one of the few pet food companies that are jumping onto the refrigerated dog food band wagon. Because the pet food industry is a twenty-three point seven billion dollar industry. Blue Buffalo Co. and Freshpet Inc. may be new companies capitalizing on pet owners looking for healthier and more nutritious pet food options for their furry friends, but other older pet food companies have also begun to incorporate the new pet food trends into their pet food formulas and marketing. Milo’s Kitchen, Purina, Colgate-Palmolive, Cesar’s Home Delights and Nutro’s Farm Harvest are all pet food companies who have begun to craft specialty food, design your own pet food and pet meals that mirror actual people food. These special new pet food options allow owners and pets to dine on similar foods together. Purina Beneful in particular has begun to incorporate the ability for customers to create their own pet food mixes on their website. They have also started specifically formulating pet food to mirror soups, stews and certain cuisine meals that people eat. Freshpet Inc. company is still hitting the pet food market hard even with the increased competition with Purina Beneful having purchased Merrick Pet Care, which was the first certified organic dry and wet dog food company. This acquiring of Merrick Pet Care has put Purina into good standing to be compared to other popular organic and all natural pet foods of the day. Currently Freshpet foods are sold in fifteen thousand different stores across the United States. They are even sold in the superstores: Walmart, Target and Whole Foods. The reason these meals are growing in popularity is because pet owners are interested in the rising trend of Paleo-diet foods for their pets. The Paleo-diet for pets is believed to be healthier for them because it gives them the same foods that their ancestors would have eaten in the wild. Raw meats intermixed with vegetables and completely grain-free. Just last year the brand sold one hundred and three million dollars worth of pet food. The brand is slightly more expensive than the usual pet food brands, but is worth it when considering the health it gives to the dogs. “If your family is into health and wellness and you treat your pet like family: bingo.” states Richard Thompson of his belief that the Freshpet company will succeed.