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Biography of Susan McGalla: A Successful Businesswoman

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman that has worked for some really big companies. She is also a consultant. She is famous for being the past president of the company American Eagle Outfitters. She has worked hard to make a successful career and has done a great job. She never felt she had to overcome obstacles that other women faced in the business world.

Susan was born in Liverpool, Ohio. She had two brothers and her father coached football. On numerous occasions she has expressed that her parents love and devotion are what have made her so successful today.

Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College. She ended up getting a bachelor’s degree in both marketing and business. After college she obtained her first position in marketing and management for the Joseph Horne Company. She worked for this business for seven years between 1986 and 1994.

After quitting her job at the Joseph Horne Company she started working for American Eagle Outfitters. In the beginning of her career with this company she was a merchandise buyer. She bought women’s clothing that was sold on the floor of the American Eagle Outfitters stores. She worked other roles in the company before being promoted to the Chief Merchandising Officer and also the president. While president she helped launch the brand Aerie for the company.

In January of 2009 she stopped working for American Eagle Outfitters and became a private consultant. She then stopped doing this to move onto other companies. Eventually she found her place where she is today helping the Pittsburgh Steelers with strategic planning as their director.

Susan McGalla is a very successful woman in the field of business. When she was hired to work at American Eagle Outfitters she was surrounded with businessmen and very few women. However, her parents never cut her any slack because she was a girl. She mentions this several times in interviews and says this is the reason she can successfully work with both sexes. She also attributes her success to her wonderful upbringing.

What Susan McGalla loves most about her career is the flexibility it now allows her. She attributes the flexibility to working so hard throughout the years. She never let anything get in her way of becoming successful. She has also said that her career success is due to the fact that she pretty much never believed in the glass ceiling. She never went around believing she couldn’t be successful because she was a woman. She pretty much brushed aside any prejudices society might have had for a women in the business field.

Susan McGalla is a great businesswoman. She has had an amazing career and has reached some really high ranking positions including being the president and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters. She has never let her sex determine her career success. She uses her achievements to inspire other females to not let anything stop them from pursing their dreams. Susan McGalla is a great role model for women.

The Success Story of CCMP Capital under the Capable Management of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital was formed from partnerships made between different firms. The partnerships lasted a while before CCMP decided to branch out on its own. The firm is a private equity firm that deals with growth capital transactions and leveraged buyout. CCMP Capital is among the largest private equity funds in the world. The firm has invested about $12 billion in growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions. With over fifty employees, the company has managed to expand its operations overseas. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has opened offices in Tokyo, London, New York and Hong Kong.

The history of CCMP can be traced back to 1984 when the idea to form the corporation was conceived. Initially, the firm was named as Chemical Venture Partners and was used as a venture capital branch of the Chemical Bank. In 1996, the company acquired the Chase Manhattan Bank and changed its name to Chase Capital Partners. Later on in the year 2000, the company acquired J.P Morgan & Co and formed the J.P Morgan Chase. This acquisition led to the change of name to JP Morgan Partners. The platform continued to grow and a number of private equity institutions were integrated. These integrated institutions included the Chase Manhattan, Robert Fleming &Co, Manufacturers Hanover, Hambrecht &Quist, J.P Morgan &Co and The Beacon Group.

The J.P. Morgan Chase acquired Bank One. Bank One had its own private equity group, One Equity Partners, which was created to act as the private equity platform for JP Morgan Chase. JP Morgan Chase finished the sale of $925 million interest in the JP Morgan Partners Global Fund in April 2006. The JP Morgan Partners separated from the JP Morgan Chase in July 31st 2006. The company changed its name to CCMP in reference to all the entities it had earlier partnered with. Over the years, the firm has continued to register impressive success in its operations.

CCMP Capital had $3.4 billion in commitments from investor firms under the CCMP Capital Investors program. The program represented the first funds raised by CCMP after its split from JP Morgan Chase. In 2014, the firm sold Medpace, the pharmaceutical contract research organization, to Cinven for $900 million.

CCMP Capital owes its success to Stephen Murray who was the chief executive officer and president of the firm. Born in August 2nd 1962, Stephen went to Boston College where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in economics. He pursued further education at the celebrated Columbia Business School where he graduated with a postgraduate degree in business administration. He did a credit analysis-training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation then started working at MH Equity Corporation. He played a significant role during the partnerships and spin outs before taking over CCMP Capital as its president in 2006.

Among Health Care Companies Nobilis Health Corporation Keeps Growing

Health care companies make up a gigantic $1,668 trillion industry. Segments of the industry include pharmaceuticals, bio medical, medical instruments, hospitals and insurance. For this discussion we focus on the hospital segment. Here are just a few statistics in this group: We have 5,754 regular hospitals in the United States and 794,636 health care companies. There are 16,792,626 persons employed in the industry. Long Term Care Hospitals number only 111.

There are many ways to analyze a company’s growth potential. On a fundamental basis you would look at revenues and net profits over several years, new products and an estimated future growth. On a technical basis one measure is Weighted Alpha. That is the upward or downward movement of a stock over a given period. A company stock that is going up will have a positive weighted alpha and one going down will have a negative number.

Here we look at companies that have a positive weighted alpha since they are the ones moving up in price and most often the companies with the most growth.
Data is taken from

Adeptus Health Inc. (ADPT) Adeptus is headquartered in Lewisville, TX. The company operates a network of independent and free standing emergency care facilities in Texas and Colorado.
Recent price is $86.06. 52 Week high and low are $123.97 and $25.86. EPS is $.56 PE Ratio is 148.98 Weighted Alpha is 157.40 and Market Cap is $994.85 billion.

Mednax Inc. (MD) Mednax is based in Sunrise FL. The company focuses on newborns. Specialties include maternal-fetal, pediatric and anesthetic care. It operates facilities in the United States and Puerto Rico.
Recent price is $80.37 52 Week high and low are $86.09 and $52.43 EPS is $3.44 Weighted Alpha is 36.60 Market Cap is $7.73 billion.

VCA Antech (WOOF) VCA Antech is based in Los Angeles CA. It operates National Animal Healthcare in the United States and Canada. It owns and operates veterinary hospitals and veterinary clinical laboratories. It also supplies imaging equipment and medical technology to the veterinary industry. In addition is provides education and veterinary solutions to businesses.
Recent price is $55.75 52 Week high and low are $62.45 and $38.05 EPS is $2.13 PE ratio is 26.01 Weighted Alpha is 19.80 Market Cap is $4.58 billion.

Univsersal Health Service (UHS) The company headquarters is located in King of Prussia PA. The company owns and operates acute care hospitals, behavioral health centers, ambulatory surgery centers and women’s centers.
Recent price is $129.40 52 Week high and low are $148.57 and $95.63 EPS is $6.50 PE ratio is 19.27 Weighted Alpha is 16.70 Dividend is $.04 (1.32%) Market Cap is $12.82 billion.

Nobilis Health Corporation (HLTH) Nobilis is based in Houston TX. It operates six health centers: Northstar Health Care Surgery Center in Dallas TX, Northstar Health Care Surgery Center in Houston TX, Northstar Center in Scottsdale AZ, Kirby Surgical Care Center, Northstar Urgent Care in Dallas and Houston. Specialties include Spine Surgery, Pain Management, Orthopedic Surgery, Podiatry, Gastrointestinal Scopes and Ear, Nose and Throat.

Nobilis Health Corporation is a top stock pick for Q4 by Mackie Research Capital. The analyst report is by Russell Stanley.
Recent price is $3.07 52 week high and low are $9.34 and $1.07 EPS is $.04 Weighted Alpha is 56.29 Market Cap is $205.60 million.

A Few Facts About Omar Boraie You Should Know


Omar Boraie is a man with a vision. Four decades ago, he had a vision of the current New Brunswick and has worked very hard to make the dream a reality through the different property developments he has done in the city. He is the President of Boraie Development LLC, a respected development company that has earned a lot of respect owing to its consistency in building phenomenal buildings that are modern and affordable to many people.

In a recent couple of years, Omar’s vision for New Brunswick has started to take shape. However, he is among the few persons who subscribed to the visionary school of thought and they were viewed as dreamer who like building castles in the air. He remembers the time he made a debut in the property development business as awful. The city was empty, and it was insecure past four to walk around. However, that situation did not deter him from looking at the bigger picture.

His first development, the Albany Street Plaza Tower One made a very significant change in changing the city’s view of how modern developments are supposed to be done. Upon completion, the building was able to accommodate 250,000 square feet of office space. Being a genius in fathoming on matters related to property development, Boraie saw the need for the city to have some top-flight residential units.

He went ahead and developed the One Spring Street Condominium building that had twenty-five units and currently the tallest building in the city. The building also accommodates not less than 120 residential units and forty thousand feet of office space. The same building has ten thousand feet of retail space as well as a parking garage with four hundred spaces and large outdoor spaces that can be used for barbecues.

Soon after the building was completed, it sold out in two months, and it triggered many to believe that the city had a lot of potential. However, Omar does not owe all the credit to himself when matters related to the city getting a new image are concerned.

Omar says that very many people have been involved in giving the city a new image. His latest development, The Aspire is a seventeen story residential high-rise building that is located next to the train station that connects to New York. The building charges $2,800 monthly for a two-bedroom apartment. The modern residential block had completely changed the way people view the city and more like it are expected to mushroom in other places.

Always Giving Back

Known for his ownership of the Atlanta Hawks(once Atlanta Spirits), Bruce Levenson, is not always recognized for his giving. Bruce believes that the best thing he can do in life is give back. If that’s the case Mr Levenson is is having a very good life. He has given so much in his life to several charity’s, foundations and nonprofits. Bruce is still an active member of the Community Foundation of Washington D.C, where he has been a prominent figure in improving the community in, and around, the D.C area. He was a founding donor of the Holocaust Museum, where he currently funds the Museum’s program to teach inner city students about the Holocaust, and train them to be tour guides. Levenson also supports several Jewish foundations, including SEED foundation and Seeds for peace. The leading founder and donor of Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland, where the teach and encourage students to give back, was none other than Times’ Bruce Levenson. Founder of PeacePlayers “I Have a Dream” foundation that helps youth in low income homes get scholarships was also Bruce Levenson. Bruce is a smart businessman, who has done very well for himself. He was also, by all accounts, a good owner for the Hawks, who improved under his ownership. Though he has been owner, co-owner, founder, board member, board director and adviser to some big names. However, Bruce’s heart is in giving back and helping the disadvantaged youth. Tireless giving and numerous efforts to continue to improve and lay the ground for the upcoming generation to be filled with those focused on making the world a better place. He wants education and opportunity for the young. After all this is still the land of opportunity. Bruce did not grow up with wealth, he had to earn it. Yet, he is giving a large portion of that hard earned money, and a good portion of his time, to insuring that others have the same opportunity to work hard, like he did, and make something of themselves. Bruce Levenson’s not exactly hurting for money, but, thanks to him, neither are plenty of charitable foundations striving to help those who are hurting and don’t have the same opportunities many of us take for granted. Bruce Levenson’s various jobs, business ventures, and franchises are how he makes his money. I think the more important thing is to look at how a man spends his money. Especially when they have it in abundance. When I see a man who spends his time and money on helping the upcoming generation, I admire him more than the one buying himself a luxury jet. Maybe that’s just me though.


Hello, it’s time for our weekly makeup tutorial. Here are Lime Crime on we get asked lots of questions. Some of them are the same questions we have been asked for many years. Every once in while though, we get asked a stand-out question. Today is one of those days…

How do I make my eyes look bigger, without going to too much trouble?

This is an easy answer. It might seem difficult to do, depending on the type of eyes you have. It’s really not though.


This is going to sound trivial, but it all begins with good skin. Here at Lime Crime we suggest using things like an adhesive eye-pad. We also suggest putting a cold compress on your eyes. This will reduce any swelling or irritation. It will also remove those pesky bags under the eyes. You can also try using a silicone-based primer on your eyes, if you have any around. If you don’t, a cold compress works fine. Just lay the cold compress over your eyes for about ten to fifteen minutes. You will be amazed at the difference this makes for your eyes.

Your eyes will be healthier and look fuller.


The dark circles can really make your eyes look bad. Take a concealer and apply it to the bad spots. The right concealer will work wonders on your dark circles and the discoloration. The right concealer will end up doing double, of not triple the action. If it’s done right, you will barely even recognize your eyes.

The right shade should be a tad lighter and warmer than your actual skin tone. It will also correct and even out the blue and purple tones. This way the blue and purple tones won’t be as noticeable.


This is considered by many women as the crowned jewel in their beauty collection. This is also the tool that over half the women out there forget to use. Get in the habit of using it. That extra few minutes can make your eyes look and appear more open. Your eyes will also appear more fuller. Those who have straight lashes do not fret. The eye lash curler will cast a small shadow on your eyes. This will make your lashes look curly, even when they aren’t. Please do not throw away the money you spent for this tool. Use it. You will not regret it.


You need to use mascara. Not just any mascara though, you need lengthening mascara. If you really want to pull focus, you should focus on the center of the upper lash line. Focus the mascara there. This will pull your eyes out. If you want a thicker coat, take your wand to the upper lashes. Apply an extra coat there once you are done. You will be amazed at how good your eyes look.

Join us each week at Lime Crime for more beauty tips. You can also Follow Doe Deere personally on twitter.

Bruce Levenson: Mixing Business and Basketball

People from all walks of life are engaged in the sport, and dream to see the teams playing live in the court. For Bruce Levenson, basketball is life. Since his acquisition of the Atlanta Hawks, Levenson has proven that business does not have to be a dull or monotonous experience.

Levenson founded UCG and purchased the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, partnering with Ed Peskowitz. Not only did the purchase include the rights to Phillips Arena, but it also originally included the Atlanta-based NHL team, the Thrashers. Levenson led operations for both teams until 2011, when it was decided that the Thrashers should be sold. Although owning the basketball team was a huge responsibility, Bruce found it necessary to continue the operations of his other business ventures in the meantime. He continued to maintain his outrageously engaged professional career all while overseeing the operation of the Atlanta Hawks.

Although basketball seems to be where Levenson gets his flair, he has dabbled in other forms of professional business practices on the side. As a businessman, he has made it his duty to find success in everything he does. Being a descendant of Holocaust survivors, Levenson has also dedicated a large part of his life to contributing to the Holocaust Museum, which pays tribute to those that lost their lives during WWII’s attack of Jewish people.

In 2014, it was announced the Levenson may be arranging to sell the ownership of the Atlanta Hawks. Although some people were surprised by this announcement, there were several immediate interests in the purchase of the team. There were two primary front runners, however, that were leading the pack in potential new owners of the Hawks. Groups ran by Steve Kaplan and Liongate’s Mark Rachesky offered preliminary bids above all of the others.

Surprisingly to speculators, the Hawks sold to Tony Ressler in October of 2014 after a winning bid of 730 million dollars. This is a price that Levenson may have considered low based on what he was told by estimators, but others have felt to be slightly high considering the Atlanta Hawks’ imperfect record. Either way, the Hawks are now under new ownership and Bruce Levenson has moved on to unspecified business ventures.

Writing a Wikipedia Article About One’s Self

One thing about Wikipedia is that it is a source of information about everything for everyone. Wikipedia will provide all types of information about anything that is valid. There is no room for biases due to the fact that Wikipedia wants to keep everything neutral. It just sticks to the facts without any intention to promote anyone. A Wikipedia service uses facts about the person from sources that are reliable and independent. This could actually be a blessing for the person being written about or a curse depending on the person. For some of the most noble people in the world, the best thing they could have is a completely factual page written on them.

Wikipedia is going to report anything about the person that is worth reporting. If there is some event in a person’s life that is constantly reported over and over, or is considered very significant, then Wikipedia is going to include that event on the person’s Wikipedia page. Everything about the person is reported which includes his mistakes and accomplishments. This gives a person enough incentive to be careful as to what he does. Even a blameless person could eventually have a mistake reported on a Wikipedia article. For people that become celebrities, they will gain a lot of exposure about their life.

For those that want a Wikipedia page about them, they could get a page from Get Your Wiki, which is a professional Wikipedia writing company. They are full of professionals that will take the time to not only write, but edit and watch over their client’s Wikipedia page. For instance, if the client needs a Wikipedia page in order to gain exposure and get a business off the ground, Get Your Wiki will provide the content needed to accomplish that. Wikipedia will also stick to the facts as well as make sure the grammar is correct and the language is compelling.

There are plenty of other sources of information that will help provide facts about the lives of the clients. Once the Wikipedia page is up, it is important for the client to maintain his reputation by living a productive life and being a good example. As he continues to live productively and set positive examples, then he will continue to build his reputation. More people will hear about him. Also, more people will trust him. Having a Wikipedia page could prove to be a blessing for people.

On the flip side, there is the possibility of a scandal causing a huge blow to the reputation of the person. There are many cases when someone does something or is caught in something that results in a fall from grace in the public eye. Wikipedia reports those huge incidents. Also, tons of people cite Wikipedia as their source of information.

Jaime Garcia Dias, The Making of a Literary Success

Jamie Garcia Dias’, an accomplished Arthur and teacher within the Brazilian literature arena. He has to his credit, over 20 fiction books. Dias’ has also received many awards, including the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize and the White Crane Award which he received in 2001. Dias never believed that he would be recognized in Brazil for his fiction writings and for his accomplishments as he has been over more than a decade.

Dias’ had an interest in writing very early in his life, and wrote his first book at the age of fifteen.

Born in Rio De Janeiro, both of his parents were very educated as well. His mother, Garcia Dulce Dias’ was a noted architect in her day. But his father, Arnoldo Dias’ was a noted writer as well. Dias has been very grateful to his father for his knowledge in writing and credits him for the development of an interest in writing and credits him for his overall writing career. As a token of his appreciation for his father’s efforts, in 2013 Dias’ honored his father by publishing a collection of childhood stories in the Journal do Brazil. The published chronicles focused on both Dias’ as a young child as a young writer and his father Arnoldo Dias’ and his writings. As a result of this, Dias’ was invited to write weekly literature notebooks for the Journal do Brazil, as the Chronicles were so very well received by the people of Brazil.

Dias’ furthered his education and eventually became a teacher. He joined and taught at the Carioca Literature Academy for many years. Ironically the Academy was a form of prep school for high school students who selected literature as their career path. After becoming president of the Carioca Literature Academy, Dias’ credits those who came before him to a great part of his literary success. While at the Carioca Literature Academy, Dias’ positive and strong reinforcement in conjunction with his noted style of writing was implemented at the Academy. His new methods of writing were proposed to the school by him, upon adopting his methods, it consequently significantly changed the school.

Because of Dias’ efforts,the school became known for helping authors identify their writing voice. He later helped take the school to a new level by announcing that the Academy would be the first School to be dedicated to journalistic literature. The Academy is now the largest academy that is dedicated specifically to Brazilian writers.

Dias’ was vice president of the Carioca literature Academy for approximately 10 years. After which he became president. As president of the Carioca Literature Academy he is grateful to all of those successful writers who came before him to help mold his success.

Doe Deere’s Passion Helped Her To Succeed With Her Brand

Those who have a passion for the things that they are doing will have a much greater chance of succeeding than those who do not. Doe Deere didn’t have much money at all when she decided to start up a makeup brand of her own, but it was her passion that drove her to succeed. Her brand has now become quite popular, as she has filled it with all of the bright colors and fun makeup items that she loves so much. Being different has made Doe Deere successful, as has the passion that she felt toward makeup and color.
When Doe Deere was a young girl she had her first experience with makeup, and she fell in love with the dramatic look that she could create with it, right away. She eventually started trying out makeups from all different brands and posting the looks that she had created by using them online. People started following her and her experiments with the looks because they were happy that someone was brave enough to do the things that they wouldn’t be able to do themselves.
Doe Deere has served as an inspiration to many girls through the years because of how brave she has been. She has also inspired others because of the passion that she has for makeup and creating a look that is all her own. Doe Deere is the kind of woman who will not stop at anything until she feels satisfied with what she has done. She created her makeup brand, and now that she has begun to have success with it she is already considering what she will do next. She is excited about the possibility of offering other, colorful items to the fans of her brand.
Passion is what has driven Doe Deere to have so much success with her brand, and it is passion that has helped her to live her life the way that she has all along. People should gather a bit of inspiration from the passionate woman that she is. They should realize that if they do not feel passionate about something, then they should most likely not be doing it. And, on the other hand, they should also realize that passion can help them to do anything that they set their mind to. It helped Doe Deere to form a makeup brand when she didn’t have much money, and it can help them, too.