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Why I Chose Purina’s Beneful Brand Dog Food

My dog Boomer is not only my pet but my best friend as well. When I come home from work and have had a bad day, Boomer knows that just by bringing me his favorite tennis ball for a little fetch he can make the problems of the day go away. Because we take care of each other, I feed Boomer the best dog food I can, and I’ve done a lot of research to find the one that provides all the nutrients Boomer needs to keep up with me.

After all that research, I found that Purina’s Beneful Brand Dog Food is the best for Boomer. Purina has been in the household pet food business for almost a hundred years, coming out with the original Dog Chow in the 1930’s. The company spends millions of dollars in research every year to make sure our pets get all the nutrition they need to be healthy, and live long lives.

I buy Beneful on petco in both the wet containers and as dry kibble. That way I can leave a bowl of the kibble out for Boomer to eat whenever he is hungry. At breakfast and dinner, I open a pouch of the moist food and leave that out for about thirty minutes, or until Boomer has eaten it all.

Boomer is an Australian Shepard (which by the way, are not from Australia, the breed was originally developed in the western US) and weights about 55 pounds. Because we are both very active Boomer needs a little more food than the package calls for. I keep a close eye on Boomer to make sure he gets enough to eat without getting too much. Just right for Boomer is the amount I feed him for I can feel his ribs under a thin layer of fat, and he has a definite waist behind his ribs.

Beneful is made from real meat that provides a good source of protein. Carrots, peas, and spinach are some of the vegetables used that provide carbohydrates and vitamins. Corn and rice grains are also used to make Beneful a complete diet.

Purina was founded as a company dedicated to feeding farm animals in 1894. The founder was a Mr. William Danforth who believed that animals fed a proper diet would live longer, be healthier, and be more productive. That philosophy has lasted until today when the company focuses on household pets. Purina’s research is developing foods that help animals with medical issues such as arthritis. Plus, the company is a good corporate citizen in a number of ways like using renewable energy in their manufacturing plants, and donating millions of dollars every year to over 1,500 pet shelters and animal welfare organizations.