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Do You Want Your Home to Be Cleaned By Reliable Professions? Contact Handybook

Barely Two years the launching handy, the service has hit almost $1 million in bookings every week. The service, which was founded by two people,OisinHanrahan and UmangDua, allows its clients to order a home cleaner, a plumber or even a handyman with just a tap on the client’s iPhone.

Handy provides a marketplace that is able to handle payments and at the same time do scheduling on the supply and on the demand end of the home services sector. The brand is growing at a very fast rate.

Handybook has managed to raise $12 million in two rounds, under the leadership of the General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners. Although the baseline numbers were not provided, it is speculated that the sales have grown by 60 percent every month for three months.

The company is located in New York City. It boasts for having more than 50 people working as its employees. There are also a very huge number of freelancers who compete for jobs every month. The company has its operations in 13 different cities. The company is said to be opening four new offices in different places. Just recently, Handybook is believed to have bought a west coast cleaning business, Exec. However, the price for the acquired business was undisclosed. Some reports say that the price reported was less than $10 million.

For customers who use the services provided by Handybook, convenience, above every else, is guaranteed. The customers do not have to go through the complicated, tiresome and totally unreliable process of cleaning agencies.

With the mandated background checks on both the national and the county level which are later followed by an on boarding process, Handy service providers are thoroughly vetted to ensure that the consumers get the best service.

To use the service, you only need to follow a simple procedure; first of all, you enter your zip code, the number of rooms you require cleaned, the time you would require the job to be done. After doing this, a price quotation appears. If you are satisfied with the pricing, your card which is on file is charged. With such a service, you do not have to leave behind stacks of cash. You will not even have to worry about being overcharged, and for the cleaners, they don’t have the fear of being underpaid after their job.

For institutions who run a two-sided marketplace, winning the supply side is always more important and valuable than hooking clients. Handybook gives freelancers something which is very hard to find;a good salary and a very flexible working schedule. With such a platform, freelancers are able to decide when and where they want to work. They also choose how much money they will make before they accept the deal.They receive an attractive income too.


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