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CEDC Opening With New Name And New Attitude

The Community Economic Development Corporation’s (CEDC) new director Otis Rolley says the public should expect many great things in light of the corporation’s reopening. The former Brickhouse Economic Development Corporation is coming back strong with a new purpose and attitude. At a gala held last Wednesday night, over 100 people came out to her the city leaders outline what the coporation has to offer and how it will affect the community. The

VisualCV said the CEDC is starting with a clean slate and hoping to regain what was lost when the company was closed in 2010. Today, the corporation will place focus on Newark’s more than 20 diverse communities. The goal is to attract business and provide growth and stimulate economic development and wealth. Startup businesses will have the opportunity to seek out a variety of grants and business loans.

Kevin Seawright is a financial administrator who knows how to keep organizations afloat. During his tenure at the Baltimore Department of Aging and Retirement, he was able to implement a number of program to streamline paperwork and save money. Seawright’s vast experience will undoubtedly help the CEDC see economic progress. Seawright has worked at several state organizations including the office of Housing and Urban Development, The Department of Parks and Recreation and the Tito Contractors in Washington D.C.

The CEDC also plans to work with other governmental agencies in Newark to help residence find prosperity.  The corporation’s partnership with HUD should help bring about more real estate investments and more housing opportunities.


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