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Alexei Beltyukov, the Russian Entrepreneur with a Medicine Degree

The Russian economy has been stable for the last several decades and this stability can only be attributed to the country’s efforts in supporting small business enterprises. No one supports this theory whole heartedly than Alexei Beltyukov. Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian renowned entrepreneur and investor whose popularity has spread all over the country and beyond. He has held several position in the Russian business communities. In addition, he has been very instrumental in helping the country to recover from the economic crisis that hit the Europe in 2008/2009. He worked for the Russian ministry of finance where he helped the country to avert major economic calamities.

His academic background is also admirable and he is a well-endowed individual academically. However, there is one shift about his life that left people close him wondering and amazed of the change of heart. Alexei Beltyukov is a medic by professional and he was doing very well in the profession. However, his career as medic did not last as he was overwhelmed by his desire and passion for business. A holder of a bachelor’s degree in medicine, he decided to pursue his master’s degree in Business Administration. This shift left most of the people close to him in awe.

As fate would have it, Alexei Beltyukov was making the right move shelving his medicine career to start a career in business. Here he has been doing very well and he has actually established several business that are also blossoming. His change in career has set him up to realize his inner abilities that include his creative mind and entrepreneurial skills. He is the current head of a government project that he helped develop. The project is a math solution that he helped developed that seeks to assist students and teachers in their difficulties dealing with math problems.

Alexei Beltyukov is known for his ambitious character that has propelled him up the heights of business ranks in Russia. He is a careful planner if the current project under his leadership is anything to go by. He understands the vulnerability of his project and the risks involved since it is the first of its kind. The project, going by the name Solvy is anticipated to be successful and it is a perfect example of the many startups that Alexei Beltyukov has created. His vigor in business and optimism is unmatched. His ambition and resilience are the basic characteristics that have helped him improve and gain the respect he has in the world of business.

Seeking to help the government to formulate effective policies that will help the country grow economically, the great entrepreneur advises that investment on small business enterprises should be improved and enhanced further. His word and advice on financial matters is taken very seriously by the government and within the echelons of the business community. Apart from his service as a business adviser and a capital management guru, he also doubles up as a philanthropist. He has helped several origination in raising funds to help the needy and the vulnerable in the society.


Francesca Enrique says:

It goes to show how working on ambitions can lead someone to achieve more than one not easy successful career. In the site many things to say about Alexei is a perfect example to have a cool from advantageous economic environment like Russia’s.