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The Life and Career of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla‘s resume boasts a long and successful career in business. After graduating from Mount Union College with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing in 1986, Susan put her new skills to good use and jumped right into the job market. In June of 1986, Susan began her first job in business at the Joseph Horne Company. During her years with the company, she did marketing work for them while working her way up the ranks of management. In January of 1994, she accepted a job with American Eagle Outfitters as a merchandise buyer. This marked the beginning of Susan’s prosperous time with the company.

Initially, the focus of American Eagle Outfitters was on men’s clothing. The evolution of the company’s gender focus can be attributed to Susan’s influence. In spite of the company’s limited focus on women’s clothing, Susan was determined to expand their focus in order to attract female customers. Gradually, the company introduced more products aimed at women, such as a line of lingerie, that led to the influx of female customers. Susan’s efforts at diversifying the company led to her promotion to Chief Merchandising Officer and President of the retailer in January of 2003.

Even though Susan has become well-known for her efforts to expand the women’s clothing market, she takes a unique stance regarding her views on gender and business. She maintains that while her gender has been a factor in certain aspects of her career, such as the expansion of the women’s clothing market, she has not been defined by it and her success has not been dependent on it. According to Susan, gender has never been a factor in regards to how she is perceived by her associates, nor has it been a factor in how she perceives them. Susan attributes this attitude to her upbringing.

Many women might consider growing up in a primarily male family to be a disadvantage, but Susan maintains that this aspect of her childhood was a benefit to her. Her sports-oriented father and two brothers treated her without regard to her gender. Her recollection regarding this aspect of her upbringing is entirely positive in the respect that she was treated as a person rather than a gender model. She also cites her diverse array of interests from fashion and shopping to sports as a credit to her interaction with people, since she can hold a conversation with anyone about either.

At present, Susan lives in Pittsburgh doing work as an independent consultant.

Helping Our Elderly Mother With Handy House Cleaning

My mom was getting up there in age and not able to keep up with her house much anymore. I wanted to help but with my children, career and husband, I had little time myself. I am 1 of 7 siblings that help her out. We had agreed to have someone come in once a week to help out. We tried services like Passport and things like that, but my family was over-income to qualify for anything like that. A friend told me about Handy Cleaning Services and said that they might be able to help. I had never heard of Handy so I needed to do some research on

We live in New York and it just happens to be one of the areas of the country they service. They also service parts of Canada and Europe too. To me that was pretty impressive for a cleaning company. I like that I can do things through an iPhone app too. They send out notifications an hour before the cleaning company arrives so I can be ready. I felt it was perfect and the cost was affordable, especially since it was split 7 ways. I like the fact that you don’t pay your worker like in other companies. I can pay the bill online, which works for me.

We scheduled the cleaning and were nervous of how mom would do with a stranger in our house. Handy send out a woman named Jasmine. She was Mediterranean and extremely sweet. I explained to her the situation and that my mom got confused and was leery of strangers at first. It seems like this woman was just meant to clean for us. She came in and cleans the house spotless. Since it was just my mom, the house doesn’t seem to get that messy. The floors and counter top are the areas that needed the most attention. In fact, I was so impressed with Jasmine; I requested that she be the only person to be sent to my mom from now on. Whenever I book the appointment on their app, I simply ask for her specifically.

I will say that hiring Handy Cleaning Services was one of the best things my brothers and sisters and I did for mom. Mom has the clean house that she deserves and we have the peace of mind to know that she is living in a sparkling home. I found out from Jasmine that many people want into this company and that they have a waiting list of cleaners to hire from. They treat their employees very well and offer them prime wages. They also have an impressive amount of bookings each week from their app. They are the first cleaning company to venture out into the smartphone world, but it seems to be working well for them. With revenues that exceed $1 million, this company is going places. I am happy for them, but even more grateful that we found them to help us with mom. Thanks Handy, you were the miracle our family needed to help with our ailing mother.

Corporate Law Vs Commercial Law

Corporate law deals with the operations of a firm, the shareholders’ rights, responsibilities of the management, and any other issue relating to corporations. The law itself view the corporations as separate entities from their owners. Consequently, the corporations have the rights to file a lawsuit, sign contracts among others. On the other hand, as the shareholders, the owners have specific rights, which are protected by the corporate law. For instance, the managing directors of a corporation make decision regarding distribution of dividends. A dividend refers to any profit shared amongst the shareholders of a corporation. The corporation owners have the right to the dividends. In the event that the corporation fails to authorize distribution of the dividends to the shareholders, the latter is at will to sue the corporation in question.

Commercial Law

Commercial law concerns the interactions between a third party such as license agreements, terms and conditions, reseller agreements among others and a company. It covers a broad scope of law such as taxes, contracts, employment law, and business transactions. The best way to differentiate corporate and commercial law is viewing business as an activity, which involves selling and buying of products, services and a broad array of other profit –based activities. Corporate law deals with activities of a corporation and ignores the rest.

The Role of Commercial and Corporate Law

Both commercial and corporate law creates a legal framework within which all transactions must conform. The law relate to the companies and bankruptcy, contracts, securities, finance, banking, and financial service regulation. At undergraduate level, the students are taught how the activities of corporations affect lives of the citizens. In addition, they are equipped with legal knowledge in practical set of regulatory and commercial context. The course prepares the students with knowledge, skills, and insights needed to practice efficiently in business litigation as well as bankruptcy.

In the recent years, the business world has been punctuated with globalization of trade, emergence of new markets, trade convergences, and increased trans-boarder, thanks to the growing technological knowledge. The use of the internet in marketing and promotion of corporation products has brought up a new breed of criminal activities. Some companies or individuals have grown the tendency to break the commercial and business law during transactions.

Nevertheless, there is no cause for alarm. Commercial and corporate lawyers such as Frans Schoeman help victims on slideshare of such fraudulent transactions. Frans Schoeman ensures both businesses people and clients adhere to ethical and legal frameworks of business transactions whether online or via the corporations’ sales departments. Mr. Schoeman is a law graduate from the University of the Free State. He has broad experience in commercial and corporate law, and has represented and won numerous cases on the same. Currently, he works as the legal director in Phatsima Diamond, a law firm based in Belleville, South Africa. He has skills such as corporate governance, legal wring, due diligence, commercial litigation, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution and many more, which he applies to ensure the cases are ruled favorably to his clients.

Investment Banking with CCMP in Association with Stephen Murray

CCMP is a renowned private equity management firm that majors in buyout and growth equity. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has been able to manage successfully funds of up to $16 billion and over with its flagship being buyout and growth equity. It was established in 1984 and also deals in leveraged bonds where it invests in borrowed money or clients’ money as capital. They are tasked with finding out new reliable vehicles of investment in the financial market to get the positive returns with an adjusted risk management plan. They’ve also diversified to venture into categories like consumer or retail, industrial, healthcare and energy as alternative investment vehicles. CCMP has developed a robust value creation strategy for its assets distributed across the United States and the world at large.

CCMP was borne of the merger between JP Morgan Partners, Chemical Venture Partners and Manufacturers Hanover and has since developed over time to be among the best equity providers in the United States. It started with an initial capital of $3.5 billion through a fundraiser. In addition to fundraising, back in January 2014 they raised $900 million from selling a pharmaceutical contract of Medpace organization to Cinven. Their main areas of focus that led to the growth of the contemporary CCMP were leveraged buyout, growth capital, and venture capital. CCMP currently has portfolio in leading financial companies including 1-800-Flowers, AMC Entertainment, and Aramark among many others.

Stephen Murray, a private equity investor, is one of the pillar stones of CCMP Capital, who has spearheaded the development of the company to succeed in the financial market. Stephen had his education from Boston College, from where he graduated with a degree in economics as well as masters in business administration from Columbia Business School. He started his career at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, which is an affiliate to CCMP where he handled the credit analyst training program. Come 1989 he coupled with MH Equity Corporation that encompassed the private equity group with the company’s leveraged monetary sector. Murray pioneered the founding of CCMP through the mergers with the several associated companies. In 2005, he was announced the head of the buyout sector at JP Morgan Partners within CCMP. He worked hard and displayed resiliency traits that led to his elevation to Chief Executive Officer of the company in 2007.

Among his several accomplishments, Murray is also active philanthropically and greatly supported the make-a-wish-foundation of Metro New York. Moreover, he has lent a hand to the Boston College and Food Bank of Lower Fairfield. The Stamford Museum is also one of his major benefactors. Today, CCMP has ventured into diverse sectors like energy where their investments involve the provision of alternative sources of energy. In medicine, it deals with pharmaceutical services and medical device acquisitions. CCMP operates on a world-class scope with the major destinations of its products being North America in places such as Unite States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

CCMP has had a groundbreaking prosperity through investment in equity and leveraged products and is currently and exemplar to similar young firms.

Andy Wirth Support for the Use of Clean Energy

The Reno City Council has just voted in support of a clean power plan. The Op-ed is published through the Reno Gazette- Journal.
The vote is expected to bring change in the region by shifting from dirty coal power to renewable energy. The vote makes the council part of important entities in the region that have pledged their support to a clean power plan. The council joins several private companies in furthering the initiative. Andy Wirth applauds the efforts made by the organizations that have joined forces in pushing society and companies within the area towards the clean power plan.
The move is a clear indication of the changing times. Things are now geared towards a new and healthy economy that is sustainable and diverse. This change is what the people of the region have been waiting for in order to improve their livelihoods. Already, big steps of progress have been made in building a clean energy economy given the contribution from the companies that are leading the way. Institutions are putting pressure on the responsible arms and the elected officials. This situation highlights the current need of a clean energy.
Andy Wirth was born in 1963 in Neubruck, West Germany. Currently, he works in the hotel industry and mountain resort. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado University. Wirth is also a graduate of the prominent Edinburgh University in Scotland. Previously, Wirth worked as a back country ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Park. He also rendered his services for the San Pedro Wilderness Area as a wilderness ranger. Presently, Wirth is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings that is the parent company of Alpine Midows and Squaw Valley ski resorts located in Olympic Valley.
Wirth has worked for more than 25 years in the mountain resort and hotel industry. He commenced his career in 1986 at Steamboat Springs Resort. Wirth is a supporter of environmental community service organizations and also contributes to these organizations. He supports organizations like the Humane Society of Tahoe Truckee and the McConkey Foundation. In the course of his career, Wirth has received both professional and community service awards.

Why I Chose Purina’s Beneful Brand Dog Food

My dog Boomer is not only my pet but my best friend as well. When I come home from work and have had a bad day, Boomer knows that just by bringing me his favorite tennis ball for a little fetch he can make the problems of the day go away. Because we take care of each other, I feed Boomer the best dog food I can, and I’ve done a lot of research to find the one that provides all the nutrients Boomer needs to keep up with me.

After all that research, I found that Purina’s Beneful Brand Dog Food is the best for Boomer. Purina has been in the household pet food business for almost a hundred years, coming out with the original Dog Chow in the 1930’s. The company spends millions of dollars in research every year to make sure our pets get all the nutrition they need to be healthy, and live long lives.

I buy Beneful on petco in both the wet containers and as dry kibble. That way I can leave a bowl of the kibble out for Boomer to eat whenever he is hungry. At breakfast and dinner, I open a pouch of the moist food and leave that out for about thirty minutes, or until Boomer has eaten it all.

Boomer is an Australian Shepard (which by the way, are not from Australia, the breed was originally developed in the western US) and weights about 55 pounds. Because we are both very active Boomer needs a little more food than the package calls for. I keep a close eye on Boomer to make sure he gets enough to eat without getting too much. Just right for Boomer is the amount I feed him for I can feel his ribs under a thin layer of fat, and he has a definite waist behind his ribs.

Beneful is made from real meat that provides a good source of protein. Carrots, peas, and spinach are some of the vegetables used that provide carbohydrates and vitamins. Corn and rice grains are also used to make Beneful a complete diet.

Purina was founded as a company dedicated to feeding farm animals in 1894. The founder was a Mr. William Danforth who believed that animals fed a proper diet would live longer, be healthier, and be more productive. That philosophy has lasted until today when the company focuses on household pets. Purina’s research is developing foods that help animals with medical issues such as arthritis. Plus, the company is a good corporate citizen in a number of ways like using renewable energy in their manufacturing plants, and donating millions of dollars every year to over 1,500 pet shelters and animal welfare organizations.

OrganoGold Is Expanding to a Whole New Market

PR Newswire recently reported on some exciting news for coffee lovers. OrganoGold has expanded its operations to a new country. The company already has wide international support for their production and distribution. But there’s a few extra factors which make this a special occasion for both the company and fans of high quality coffee. The new market is Turkey, and the region’s deep ties to the history of coffee make this a historic occasion for the company.

Much of this significance comes from the fact that the history of coffee add the history of Turkey are deeply intertwined. In fact, if one looks into the history of coffee it really begins with Turkey. The very first historical account of a coffee house dates back to a 15th century establishment within Turkey. In the centuries since then the region has held onto and further cultivated that appreciation of fine coffee.

However, company CEO Bernardo Chua has some additional observations to explain why the region is such a good fit for OrganoGold. Chua notes that there’s a heavy emphasis on active lifestyle choices and nutraceutical items in modern Turkey. Chua is a recipient of the prestigious Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal. And the award shows Chua’s passion and insight for matching healthy products with a market interested in making the most of it. Chua has an impressive record for creating a firm foundation for OrganoGold’s unique products.

And the company is betting that the unique nature of their coffee will be a perfect match for Turkey’s fascination with both health and coffee. OrganoGold’s coffee is made using the Ganoderma mushroom. It adds a special and distinct flavor to the coffee. But more than that, the mushroom is also accredited with a number of health benefits. This uniquely healthy mushroom also creates a very distinct coffee. And it seems like a perfect match for people who are interested in both nutrition and gourmet coffee.

While Chua has overseen the opening of the new market in Turkey, he’s appointed Paul Jarvis to manage the operations. Jarvis is the Regional Vice President of Europe, CIS, and Africa for the company. Chua has stated that he believes the new branch in Turkey will help created a unified system within Asian, European and African operations.

The new branch in Turkey will be able to take full advantage of the diverse range of coffee produced by OragnoGold. This ranges from Gourmet Black Coffee all the way to a special hot chocolate blend.

Doe Deere Introduces Lime Crime Cosmetics

If you want to enhance the look of your lips, eyelids, cheeks, and fingernails with the most daring colors you ever dreamed of, then consider using Lime Crime cosmetics on dollskill. Created by former model and entertainer Doe Deere, Lime Crime is different from any other make-up line on the market today. It features bright, bold, colors that make the wearer do anything but blend in. It’s make-up for those that demand to be seen and heard without saying a word.

The Lime Crime line offers Unicorn lipstick, Velvetiness, and Carousel lip gloss in a rainbow of colors. There is also Venus: The Grundge Palette eye shadow, Zodiac glitter, and nail polish in expressive colors like Once in a Blue Mousse, Pastelchio, Crema de Limon, Peaches & Cream, and Parfait Day. Have you ever worn lazuli, rhyme, reason, citreuse, blue milk, lunar sea, or quill eyeliner? With Lime Crime you can. Or you can create a shadow over your eyes that’s Venus, Shell, Aura, Creation, Icon, Rebirth, Divine, or Muse.

These are colors that came from the mind of Doe Deere the unicorn Queen. They are so deep, rich, and righteous they make the soul sing. Plus they are all vegan and not tested on animals. Yes cruelty-free make-up that makes up for all the times you stifled your inner unicorn to fit into the mainstream. You can maintain a modicum of modesty and mock those hiding behind a charade of chastity while allowing your long suppressed joyful child to roam free. Lime Crime allows the outer you to laugh and play with the inner you and express the beauty you long knew existed but were too shy to display.

Zodiac glitter for lips, nails, and wherever else you see fit is just one of the many offerings of Lime Crime. Who says bright colors are bad? You’ve been had by the fashion police who dare to limit you style choices. Doe Deere created the Lime Crime line for herself, but the visitors to her make-up tutorial blog convinced her to share it with the masses. Deere soon realized that there were millions of people that had long needed the dazzlingly bright colors the line provided. Now it a labor of love as she produces and presents the products in the Lime Crime line to the world.

Do you Lime Crime? Well it’s about time you experiment with color to see who you could be. Many discover a side of their soul they never knew existed when they brush on products from the Lime Crime line. The products are affordable, easy to use, and last all night long. Give yourself or your loved one the gift of Lime Crime this holiday season.

Understanding Entrepreneur Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin began his hedge fund career with a personal computer, fax machine and a telephone back in 1987 in his dorm room at Harvard University. Due to his humble and ambitious beginning, he caught the attention of one of the pioneers of hedge fund on, Frank Meyer. Through his hard work that resulted in excellent performance, Griffin managed to create a hedge fund that would be recognized today as Citadel. Citadel LLC was founded in 1990 and Mr. Griffin is the Chief Executive Officer. Today, Citadel group has invested in several industries including Citadel which is a leading alternative asset administrator, Citadel Securities, a liquidity provider at capital markets in the U.S. and also Citadel Technology, a service provider with specialty in investment management technology.

As a global investment firm, Citadel LLC had about $25 billion of investment capital by March 2015. The firm is among the largest investment management firms across the world. In 2012, Forbes identifies Kenneth Griffin as among the top earning fund managers and also on the Forbes 400 list. By May 2015, Griffin’s net worth was estimated to be around $6.6 billion. Citadel was recognized as among 10 great workplaces providing financial services ranked by Great Places to Work Institute. Mr. Griffins was crediting for motivating his employees through work culture and offering free lunch, personal gifts and museum tours.

He spoke on the need of investing in employees as well as corporate activism. He stated that there is freedom to access boardroom by activists to raise their concerns and giving shareholders greater responsibility in managing the firm. This benefit accrues to every member of the society.

Kenneth Griffin has played important role of supporting education initiatives in order to drive community development. He is an active supporter of his former university where he donated $150 million as financial aid to students of this college. This donation was recognized as the largest ever received by the university from a single donation by that time. Through his personal contributions and that of Citadel Foundation, he has managed more than $250 million of donations. He has made donations to University of Chicago, Art Institute and also Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Kenneth Griffin is a member of several organizations like G100, Economic Club of Chicago and many more. He is an active supporter and buyer of artistic work as he is a member of the Board of Trustees for Art Institute of Chicago. Griffin made donations to Robin Hood Foundation as well as Museum of Contemporary Art. During 2008, elections in the U.S., he made political contributions to parties, candidates and institutions that supported his political views. In 2012, he donated $2.5 million to support Republican candidate Illinois governor Mr. Bruce Rauner.

Kenneth Griffin was born in 1968 and in 1986 he joined Harvard University for his undergraduate degree. This is where he started his career of becoming hedge fund manager while still a student became very successful until to date.

Do You Want Your Home to Be Cleaned By Reliable Professions? Contact Handybook

Barely Two years the launching handy, the service has hit almost $1 million in bookings every week. The service, which was founded by two people,OisinHanrahan and UmangDua, allows its clients to order a home cleaner, a plumber or even a handyman with just a tap on the client’s iPhone.

Handy provides a marketplace that is able to handle payments and at the same time do scheduling on the supply and on the demand end of the home services sector. The brand is growing at a very fast rate.

Handybook has managed to raise $12 million in two rounds, under the leadership of the General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners. Although the baseline numbers were not provided, it is speculated that the sales have grown by 60 percent every month for three months.

The company is located in New York City. It boasts for having more than 50 people working as its employees. There are also a very huge number of freelancers who compete for jobs every month. The company has its operations in 13 different cities. The company is said to be opening four new offices in different places. Just recently, Handybook is believed to have bought a west coast cleaning business, Exec. However, the price for the acquired business was undisclosed. Some reports say that the price reported was less than $10 million.

For customers who use the services provided by Handybook, convenience, above every else, is guaranteed. The customers do not have to go through the complicated, tiresome and totally unreliable process of cleaning agencies.

With the mandated background checks on both the national and the county level which are later followed by an on boarding process, Handy service providers are thoroughly vetted to ensure that the consumers get the best service.

To use the service, you only need to follow a simple procedure; first of all, you enter your zip code, the number of rooms you require cleaned, the time you would require the job to be done. After doing this, a price quotation appears. If you are satisfied with the pricing, your card which is on file is charged. With such a service, you do not have to leave behind stacks of cash. You will not even have to worry about being overcharged, and for the cleaners, they don’t have the fear of being underpaid after their job.

For institutions who run a two-sided marketplace, winning the supply side is always more important and valuable than hooking clients. Handybook gives freelancers something which is very hard to find;a good salary and a very flexible working schedule. With such a platform, freelancers are able to decide when and where they want to work. They also choose how much money they will make before they accept the deal.They receive an attractive income too.