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Ryan Seacrest Does It All

Ryan Seacrest has a long resume of success in the entertainment industry. His list of accomplishments and involvement in various projects seems endless. With hosting duties on “American Idol”, his career has catapulted into a whole other level. At one point, he was the highest paid reality television host.

This only led to other opportunities that again, showed the true professional that Ryan Seacrest is in his hosting duties as well as his producer role. On December 31, 2005, he took on co-host duties, alongside the legendary Dick Clark, on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”. Later the show was named “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest”.

Most recently, he was assigned as co host and executive producer of “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. His face seems to be everywhere. He does have hands in other projects in the entertainment industry. He has been the producer for numerous successful television shows. Ryan started Ryan Seacrest Productions in 2006, which produces the successful television hit “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, along with the spinoffs from that show. His production company has also produced other successful reality shows, such as “Shahs of Sunset” for the Bravo network and “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”.

Along with all of this success professionally, Ryan has not lost sight of the importance of philanthropy. In 2010, he started the nonprofit Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation has been able to help children by opening nine health centers around the country targeting children’s medical needs. These are: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Children’s National Medical Center, Children’s Medical Center Dallas, Boston Children’s Hospital and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.[70] Ryan named Selena Gomez as the Ambassador to the Foundation.

Looking at the long list of accomplishments that Ryan Seacrest has had in his life, there is a certainty that his future looks bright. His legacy will be admired by many, and will serve as an inspiration to others in the future.

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The Success of Andrey Andreev with Online Applications

Andrey Andreev is a successful Russian entrepreneur who has established four dating apps in the last decade. Andrey developed his first app in 1999. The app, SpyLog, is an online platform dealing with advertising. He also created another advertising app in 2000, known as Begun. The app is usually described as the initial version of Google AdWords. The businessman later developed an interest in the online dating world since he viewed it as a profitable business opportunity.

Andrey Andreev went ahead and launched, which is the first online dating app. started back in 2004, and up to date, it is popular in Russia. After his success with, Andrey launched Badoo. A decade after its establishment, Badoo is still the most popular online dating app.Andrey Andreev majorly focuses on expanding Badoo by coming up with new business concepts for the app and development strategies (Dld-conference).

Andrey has worked hard to ensure that individuals globally view relationships and sex differently. Badoo has a large user base thanks to Andreev. He does not like attending interviews, which has result in the spread of a lot of rumors. He despises public recognition even though he has a net worth of £700m. Andrey believes that he is just an ordinary individual with love for London. London allows him to explore his passion for food easily. He grew up in Moscow surrounded by electronic devices, which he examined and learned extensively, Andreev created a radio at the young age of ten, and by fourteen he had developed an antenna for communication. It was impeccable for a guy growing up in the Soviet Union.

Later on, when he was in University, his parents moved to Spain, and he was forced to terminate his college education. It was in Spain that Andrey Andreev created all the applications mentioned earlier. At the start of his work with Badoo, Andrey app was continually competing with Facebook, but he later realized that it was not worth the struggle. Badoo took a different business approach and made use of the launch of the iPhone to create a mobile app for dating.

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Ryan Seacrest’s Accomplishments in the Media Industry

Ryan Seacrest is a successful businessman in the media. He is the host of American Idol. When the show kicked off, it started gaining followers, which brought him recognition. Starting in 2006, Ryan Seacrest hosted for Entertainment network. Though he left the company, he continues to be the managing editor for the network’s news. On NBC, he was the host for Rio Olympics Games for the live-late night segment. He also hosts other events that run on the network. Ryan Seacrest also works at Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Ryan Seacrest established his own company, Ryan Seacrest Productions. His company has produced reality shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. His expertise and knowledge in the media industry have enabled other investors to invest in his projects. Ryan Seacrest Foundation was an initiative which, together with his family, came up with they wanted to find a way which they could keep sick children entertained (TMZ).

Since Ryan’s speciality is media both for television and radio, they established a studio in children’s hospitals. The main aim of Seacrest studios is to continue to engage the patient in fun activities that distract them from their medical issues. They are able to forget about their conditions and treatments and make something useful out of their lives. The foundation partners with other companies to provide more aid to the children and their families. His philanthropic activities have transformed the lives of many.

The businessman owns a men’s clothing brand called Distinction, founded in 2014. His career in media has taught him important tips on image and grooming. His life in the limelight became a good business opportunity to be a leading and influential mogul in the style and grooming of men. The brand Ryan Seacrest offers clothing items such as suits, sweaters, accessories and pants. The vision for Distinction is to offer insight on how men can create polished looks. The detailing, fabrics and designs of the clothes help men choose a variety of modern and classic clothes. He also owns a men’s skincare line.

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Victories of Sergey Petrossov

Every leader should stay focused on the serious matters that affect the operations at their venture. A dynamic leader knows the right way to treat his employees and the right time to introduce new measures in the company. Sergey Petrossov has achieved great things in his venture. Through his companies, he has changed how people view the business sector. As the executive of JetSmarter, he has changed the face of the jet company.

The app enables people to select the type of jets they want to travel through the world. His innovative skills have enabled him to keep achieving great successes and he has gained motivation from the major changes that he has brought to the industry. Sergey Petrossov has always insisted on the importance of leaders staying informed on the issues that impact their ventures. He insists that every owner in business should strive to acquire information to gain awareness of the things that bring an impact on his company’s operations.

Based on his experiences, he believes that a leader that focuses on the information that his customers know about the things that the ventures offer gets to understand the type of things that they like and with this, he gets to decide in the movements he can make to their businesses. The investor has developed his venture into a multimillion company that has attracted a vast number of people across the globe.

His career has enabled him to meet and socialize with various individuals that teach him the right modes to incorporate in his venture to acquire higher successes in his investment the various innovative ideas that the successful investor has brought in the industry have enabled him to emerge as a successful and determined individual in the entire globe. Sergey Petrossov continues to embrace the use of technology in his venture to shape his career.

Rick Cofer’s Insight on Determinate Sentences in the Justice System

One of the hotly debated matters within the realm of criminal justice reformation is on determinate sentences. They are theoretical and a real issue faced by defense attorneys like Rick Cofer and his clients on a daily basis. In this current era, we ought not to rebuke a case with biases rather consider an individual’s circumstances. In this article, we will look at child sex crime offenders and deduce a dreadful result.

Rick Cofer shares that juvenile crime cases are considered more sophisticated as compared to adult offenses. Not only are they still developing, but also their decisions are affected by the choices made by their families and the surrounding environment. They have inadequate maturity and life experiences to behave like adults.

How to address criminal offenses like child sex issues by young people

In this category of unlawful behaviors, the judge rules out the cases in favor of the offended. This puts the young individuals on the losing end. We must ensure the best justice is given to avoid danger, hurt, or flawed judgment. Determinate sentences may not provide optimal results for these cases. Rick Cofer attorney states that Determinate Sentences Act is being used to penalize offenders on a long-term basis rather than rehabilitative punishment as per the juvenile system followed by parole status.

What are the determinate sentences?

These are definite prison sentences that are not reviewed by the parole board or an agency. On the contrary, for indeterminate sentences, it means though there is a set minimum term, the release date is periodically reviewed as per the case and chosen by the parole board.

The disadvantage of determinate sentences is that it turns a blind eye to second chances through motivation and consideration of the positive behaviors. They are static and can last many years without flexibility or change at some point.

Rick Cofer Law explains the situation with a common domestic punishment for children by their parents or guardians. He states that caretakers should consider valuable teaching when mistakes are made. However, the law has acknowledged aggravated sexual assault where there was no violence. There is hope for redemption in the justice system.

How Maurcio Mendona Godoy Became An Offshore Construction Giant

Maurício Mendonça Godoy has long been considered a giant in the offshore construction world. While much of this has been with Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda, he’s held a variety of positions with notable companies during his career. Much of these have been C-suite positions, with the most common being as CEO. Under his leadership, the majority of these companies have grown steadily. This has been especially on show with Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda over the past few years. Founding the company in 2015, Maurício Mendonça Godoy has served as its CEO since then, leading the company to a considerable amount of loyal customers and clients.

Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda has also been able to benefit from being a subsidiary of TS Participações e Investimentos SA. This has allowed Maurício Mendonça Godoy to take the company global relatively quickly, while also ensuring that they could develop its projects to a high standard. Based in Sao Paolo, Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda has several facilities across Brazil. One of the most notable of these is located in São José do Norte, in Rio Grande’s offshore and naval hub. Godoy helped to ensure that the facility was geared for success from the start by obtaining a $500 million investment to develop a cutting edge site.

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Since being founded, Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda has developed a solid reputation in the offshore construction community, thanks in large part to its commitment to security, productivity, profitability, and sustainability. This has been something that Maurício Mendonça Godoy focused on when initially establishing the company, and which has defined and driven the majority of its success over the past four years according to There have been a number of other things that Godoy has ensured the company focused on in recent years. The most notable of these are strategic planning and innovation. This has allowed Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda to maintain a variety of relationships with prominent companies over the past several years. Coupled with its commitment to ensuring safety and more, this has helped turn the company into one of the biggest offshore construction companies in Brazil, with Maurício Mendonça Godoy being behind much of it.


Richard Liu Qiangdong Sets His E-Commerce to Take the Industry’s Top Spot

Richard Liu Qiangdong has been determined to streamline the e-commerce sector since 2004 when he launched The principal online retail store serves millions of consumers in in Asia and other countries. Since 2004, the entrepreneur has realized huge triumphs in the e-commerce industry. For instance, Liu and his team launched effectual logistic systems to speed up the delivery of customer orders, and eco-friendly packaging solutions to reduce pollution. Moreover, the renowned entrepreneur has been advocating for the supply of authentic goods. His commerce store gives zero lenience to fakes, one of the reasons why it has won the fidelity of over 300 million consumers.

During the World Economic Forum, Qiangdong divulged that his conglomerate was prepared to acquire and defend the business industry’s uppermost position, as well as expand its presence to new markets. How was Liu Qiangdong planning to acquire the industry’s number one slot? According to Richard Liu Qiangdong, his company had set three primary tactics to meet its expansion goals. First, was looking to launch e-commerce platforms in the United Kingdom, Asia, and other new markets. Already, Richard Liu Qiangdong confessed that had launched a platform to serve its customers in Washington and other parts of the United States.

Second, Richard Liu Qiangdong said that Jingdong was looking to maintain the culture of supplying authentic goods from reputable companies. Liu Qiangdong has been using this tactic to outwit its competitors in China and other parts of Asia.Third, Richard Liu Qiangdong disclosed that his e-commerce store had partnered with top brands to supply premium
range of products to its customers around the world. At, customers can purchase clothes, food, electronics, and any other consumer good. His company offers a broader range of products than Walmart, its biggest competitor. Richard Liu says that the three strategies could help to leave an unforgettable footprint in the world’s e-commerce industry.

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Building a Brand Others Cannot Compete With

If you are looking for a success story to get inspired, take the example of the success that Richard Liu has achieved in his lifetime. He is the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer at, which is the second-largest the e-commerce company in China and the largest direct-selling e-commerce company in the country as well. The net sales of the company cross over $60 billion annually, and it has the market capitalization of more than $57 billion and growing. The individual net worth of Richard Liu Qiangdong is over $7 billion, and as the company grows, it continues to grow as well. Many other major companies, including Tencent, Walmart, and Alphabet have stakes in, which has provided the company with the financial and intellectual resources to the company to branch out globally in the years to come.

Richard Liu is a man with a vision for his company, and he continues to hold the veto power in the board of management. Richard Liu Qiangdong has been able to push the growth of sustainably over the years due to the innovative marketing strategies he has implemented. One of the ways he is able to do so is by doing a market and competition research as well as being interactive with the customers. He believes that knowing the customers’ feedback and being in touch with the customers is very important to understand what the company is doing right or wrong. It helps in crafting business and marketing strategies accordingly.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has worked for a company called Japan Life before starting a retail business in 1998 and even failed with a restaurant venture before that. It is his consistent attempt to achieve something and perseverance to get up again, even after failing, which finally bore him the fruit of success. It is the reason why he does not take anything lightly. He feels that it is essential for companies to keep improving their services so that they can engage their customers better. Adopting new technology is not just a trend for companies today, but it is a necessity.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Explains Why Excess Weight Is Bad For Your Joints

A lot more people today are getting their joints replaced than had been the case in the past. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recently released a study that shows the average age of patients having this type of surgery performed on them is dropping. It is becoming especially more common for men to have joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a nationally recognized orthopaedic surgeon. He is based in New York City and earned his M.D. at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In addition to performing joint replacement surgeries, he also lectures and writes about it and other subjects such as process management and information technology.

The study stated that the average age a person nowadays will have this procedure is 65. The study further broke things down by the type of joint replacement surgery and age. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum said that the average age of someone having a knee replacement is now 66, down from 68 a year ago, for example. Many people today are becoming more active in their 60s while that used to be an age that people began to wind down.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum says that one of the reasons people need knee replacement and hip replacement surgery is that they are obese. All that extra weight puts pressure on these joints and they eventually break down. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum says that even being 10 pounds over weight can put too much pressure on these joints.

Along with The Arthritis Foundation and other nonprofits, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been trying to get the word out to people to lose weight in order to save their joints. He says that eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise is critical. With so many obese people today that is a very important message to get out to people.

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Nitin Khanna Gives Insights on Being a Tech Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna is the founder and CEO of MergerTech Advisors, a global merger and acquisitions firm for tech entrepreneurs. The firm helps tech entrepreneurs by connecting them with investors, acquirers and helping them through mergers. Khanna founded the firm in 2009 and has been CEO since.

He was formally educated at Purdue University where he earned his BS and MS in Industrial Engineering. In 1998 he would cut his teeth as an entrepreneur by founding the company, Saber Corp. The company would become the largest standalone provider of government solutions. The firm would grow to 1,200 employees and have a revenue of over $120 million. He would sell the firm to EDS in 2007 for $460 million.

Nitin Khanna was born in India and was inspired to become an entrepreneur at a young age. Everyone in his family was very entrepreneurial and ran businesses in the cement and motorcycle parts industries. He came to the US when he was 17 and completed his masters in engineering. His brother would come to the US in 1999, and together they would manage Saber Corp. After the 2000 presidential election had a vote counting problem in Florida, the government passed the Help America Vote Act. This act mandated that every state had to modernize their vote counting systems by the 2006 midterm elections. Saber was based out of Oregon and they became one of the first states to jump on the act. The state hired Saber and this led to them managing over 21 state voting systems.

As a CEO, Khanna always made sure he had the right people doing the right tasks at his companies. He liked working with his brother because his brother was the “Ying to his Yang.” Khanna is much more sales oriented while his brother is much more operational minding and runs the day to day operations.

Through innovation and hard work, Nitin Khanna was able to achieve the American Dream in the tech industry.

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