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Sentient Helping E-commerce Businesses Drive Up Their Revenue And Improve The Customers’ Experience

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized how humans interact with technology. One facet that is experiencing increasing growth due to AI is the online commerce platform. Customers have an easy time picking out their products through suggestion and receive the purchased merchandise at a fast and convenient rate. Artificial intelligence personalizes a user’s shopping experience using algorithms collected from their online behavior. The technology differentiates the various qualities of a particular item and creates relationships among them so the user can have a smooth and seamless shopping experience.

How Sentient uses artificial intelligence to improve the trading experience for retailers and clients.

Sentient began operating in 2015 as an establishment of Antoine Blondeau and Babak Hodjat. The recommendations search engine tool provides algorithms to the online shopping platform and customizes the settings to display products on particular recommendation engines. The recommendation algorithm also matches search results with similar content in the store, to help users have alternative options. Sentient’s recommendation engine heightens online transactions by giving clues on the safety level of the particular site. Retailers have an easy proves of validating their products’ value by evaluating the engine’s report. Sentient creates a safe e-commerce platform for retailers to publish advertisements with the target of securing sales.

How Sentient’s e-commerce engine works

When a prospective buyer visits an online site, they may not always know the keywords to type to acquire the required products. The engine reads the browser’s history to pick up the genre of items the user would most likely prefer. The suggestions are on visible display so one has an easy time navigating through the store to make a purchase. In the case where a buyer already has an accurate depiction of the item, the engine displays alternative suggestions alongside the search result. Sentient’s AI keeps a history of the user’s shopping pattern through complex processions to have an increased impression of the user’s preferences.

Benefits of utilizing Sentient’s recommendation engine on e-commerce platforms

  • An easy online shopping experience that attracts clients.
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Improved marketing schemes. A search engine will automatically display recommendations on unique engines and give fast recommendations that pale in comparison to waiting for the staff’s feedback.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Increased safety precaution before users execute online transactions, which consequentially helps in retention of customers.
  • Improved data analytics on the performance of products, which eases the process of restocking the store.

• Sentient gives companies an upper hand against competitors who do not utilize their artificial intelligence tools such as the e-commerce engine.

Securus Technologies- Leading provider of safety technologies

Securus Technologies is a firm that is committed to providing technology solutions that will enhance the safety of the people especially those in the correctional facilities. Securus is the biggest supplier of prison technology in the whole of North America. They currently serve over three thousand correctional and public safety facilities in the United States. In addition, they serve more than one million two hundred inmates in the world. With their headquarters based in Texas, Securus Technologies is proving to be the go-to company for all correctional facilities products especially those that deal with communication.



Securus prides in creating solutions that cater for all the players in the prison departments. From the inmates to their friends and families to the law enforcers, Securus Technologies is the best. They consult widely before they can produce any system. Their interest is to serve the prison departments in the best way possible. This can only be achieved by creating products that are of good quality and ones that address pertinent issues in the department.



With the improvement of the technologies that are used by other people for communication, there has been a need for the inmates to also have a technology that will make their lives better. They need to be provided with technological solutions to the challenges they face. In the future, the inmates are expected to have access to more products that will enable them even to access educational materials while still in the precincts of the correctional facilities.



The products they make are also meant to make the work of the law enforcers easy by being able to monitor some of the activities that happen within the correctional facilities. It will be possible to assure the inmates of their security with the products from Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is rated by BBB as a top producer of inmates’ safety products.



George Soros the Philanthropist and Everything you need to Know about Him

George Soros, born Gyorgy Schwartz is a Hungarian- American author, business manager, investor, and philanthropist. George is considered one of the most successful and richest business people in the world with a net worth of over $25 billion as of May 2017. George was born in a non-observant Jewish family by Elizabeth and Tivader Schwartz. The family later changed its name to Soros to camouflage in the increasingly antisemitic Hungary. In his early life, Soros worked as a waiter and a railway porter and later worked in a bank.

Early business investment career

After graduating, Soros had a hard time finding a job and therefore, he resorted to becoming a traveling salesman for fancy-goods. During this time, he wrote numerous letters seeking interviews in different merchant to no avail until in 1954 when he finally landed a job at the Singer and Friedlander merchant; a job he credits to the fact that the managing director was a fellow Hungarian. In 1956, Soros moved to F.M Mayer where he worked for three years as an arbitrage trader specializing in European stocks. He then proceeded to Wertheim and Co where he worked until 1963; during this time, he developed the reflexivity theory. Later that year, he moved to Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder where he worked as a vice president for ten years. In, 1969, George developed the Double Edge hedge fund using investors money amounting to $4m, and four years later, the capital had attained $12m. This formed the basis of the now known Soros Fund. Read more on about George Soros.


George Soros is one of the well-known philanthropists in the world who has by far given over $30 billion from his fortune to fund several different charities and organizations around the world. He has especially funded the Open Society Foundations works across the globe which under his leadership support organizations and individuals fighting for freedom of expression, promote equality, and justice and accountable government. Additionally, the Open Society Foundations also provide fees for promising students for otherwise excluded students across the globe. The funds are especially channeled towards those facing discrimination primarily for who they are including those who have been pushed out of what the society considers mainstream including LGBTI people, drug addicts, and sex workers.

George’s philanthropy started in 1979 when he began funding black South Africans students under apartheid. He also created the Central European University after the Berlin wall and fallen which provided space to foster critical thinking. Over time, he has expanded his philanthropy to Asia, Africa, The United States, and Latin America supporting a wide range of efforts to create transparent, democratic, and more accountable societies. George Soros efforts have been evolving over time. However, they stay firm to his initial ideas of an open society. His funds do not stop at his foundations, he also funds and supports independent organizations including the European Council on Foreign Relations, Global Witness, the International Crisis Group, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking. Learn more at The Atlantic.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Endorses Rights and Freedoms for the People

People have rights and sometimes it can be difficult to protect those rights. There are many different forces at work within a society and they can easily create problems for minorities and immigrants. When this type of situation happens, social groups must step up and help to correct things.

Real power does not lie with individuals, it lies within a group. People cannot singlehandedly stop the violation of people’s rights. They typically have to be influential within a group of people to get things going. This is not as easy as it seems. Organizations are necessary for protecting society. However, they must be filled with individuals who are committed to protecting the rights of people.

The forces within society that want to hinder a person’s rights are not necessarily trying to harm them in most cases. The truth is that most people believe that their way of life is superior to others.

As a result, various groups, organizations, institutions and parties all try to push their agenda off on other people. They honestly try to believe in what they are doing is the right thing to do. This type of situation leads to the violation of people’s rights.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund was created from this type of condition. During the late 2000s a corrupt Arizona sheriff by the name of Joe Arpaio had wrongfully imprisoned Michael Larkin and Jim Lacey. He dragged these two men out of their homes in the middle of the night and locked them away in jail. He even got some trumped up warrants to seize important information from the men’s business.

Larkin and Lacey are the Phoenix Time News owners. They ran a story during the late 2000s that exposed Sheriff Arpaio’s corrupt practices against immigrants and within the jail facilities that he operated. Arpaio did not like the story and he worked to bring the men down.

Long story short, his actions violated the rights of Lacey and Larkin. They received millions in damages. They created the Frontera Fund from the money they were awarded for the violation of their rights. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The Frontera Fund is used to provide financial backing to various social and political organizations that work to protect the rights of people everywhere. Many social and political groups understand that various people want to push their way of life on others. What works for one group does not always work for another. So, an imbalance takes place and people suffer.

Social and political organizations helps to bring back balance and to keep everything centered. The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund plays an important role with people’s freedom and rights.

Dr. Imran Haque: Giving People a New Horizon in Internal Medicine

Dr. Imran Haque is a well-known doctor in North Carolina who specializes in internal medicine. He is known for the incredible medical skill that he has and for leading an extremely well-known clinic in North Carolina. The clinic that he heads goes by the name of Horizon Internal Medicine and is one of the most renowned clinics in internal medicine in Asheboro. Dr. Haque is considered to be well known in the field for the quality of services that he offers. He has been working as a medical professional for the past fifteen years has treated thousands of patients since then.

Dr. Haque started out his career in the field of medicine in the same way that most doctors do, which was by working at a big hospital. He did his best to gain as much experience from there as he could. While working there, he realized that there was a gap in the market for clinics that offered the same grade of services that hospitals do, while still being slightly personal and more tailored to provide a better customer service. This was when he decided to start up his clinic that would offer some of the best treatments in internal medicine. Since the clinic first opened its doors to patients, they have been received incredibly by the community and the people living in North Carolina. The emphasis that the clinic has on offering excellent customer service is enormous. Dr. Haque pays exceptionally close attention to this to make sure that every single one of the customers coming to them gets the right treatment and is satisfied with the quality of services being offered to them. Dr. Haque also takes special care to ensure that the clinic is providing some of the most technologically and medically advanced diagnoses’ to patients to take care of their ailments in the most efficient manner possible.

Being an entrepreneur and a doctor at the same time is not something most medical professionals do, but Dr. Haque has managed to do so brilliantly and has managed to make a name for himself as well in the process.

More Than A Hefty Donation

Find Courage In The Work Of George Soros

No one finds the determination to win as an easy trait to come by.

We see the determination to win in George Soros’ $18 billion donation.

The men and women we look up to are an example of the search for courage we must live. We live it in order to achieve greatness for ourselves or loved ones. George Soros is a clear testimony to the power of philanthropy.

We find bravery’s power when we need it most in our lives. George also experienced the same process before uncovering the reality he created. It takes bravery and in order to create a reality that doesn’t now exist. The witness we give to Mr. Soros’s success is a witness we give to our own standards.

The lives that our greatest embody are possible for us should we follow their example. The stage set for bravery is one set by George Soros, and the unending passion of his inner vision.

The Values We Start With

It’s not enough to push or persuade men and women toward bravery if we haven’t accepted our own truth. The reality of living by values and standard is in responsibility. Most of us are directed negatively if we are not ready to live up to the standard that our dreams set.

If you aren’t held accountable by your own conscious, than no man can aide in your self determination. No one was there to tell George Soros about the level of success he should achieve. He didn’t have an helping hand when billions rolled into his bank account and changed his life forever.

In like manner, you will only have your sense of bravery when you’re called to act upon your own ambitions.

Let George Soros Carry The Rest

The remaining work we have, when creating our own realities, is to stand and face the fears. Society has taken the definition of fear as, “everything we don’t know of.” Look at what George Soros didn’t know about his own success that was to come. He would rely on his sense of bravery. That bravery brought him to donate $18 billion today.

Taking on the merits of courage led George to one of the most famous trades of this generation. You can do likewise if you just live up to the standard and never lose a day of courage in the process and Follow him

Lori Senecal Career Achievements

Lori Senecal is the head at the Crispin Porter and Bogusky. She extraordinarily values her initial life which she credits her prosperity to having grown. The accomplishment of her senior kin likewise went about as a wellspring of inspiration for her to accomplish more perplexing objectives in her profession life. Today, she is carrying on with her fantasy life as indicated by her example of overcoming adversity.

At the point when Lori moved on from the college, she held a degree in deals and promoting. Lori Senecal later felt free to got utilized transforming everything that came into her hand’s fruitful. She is known to have an ability in acquiring better states noticeable organizations and associations. Her commitment to bringing the best out of individuals and organizations has likewise influenced her to be a prominent pioneer.

Through her advancement aptitudes, she built up the TAG ideation in 2003. Label ideation is a showcasing unit including youngsters. With a colossal measure of information investigative learning, Lori can demonstrate her aptitude in multinational records. Among the organizations she has worked for incorporate Nestle, Xbox, Sprint, and Nabisco a couple to specify. She additionally filled in as a record chief at the Coca-Cola industry. For a long time, Lori Senecal likewise served in the DDB overall interchanges as the Chief Marketing Officer.

With time, Lori got advanced as the head of offers and showcasing. Also, subsequent to assuming a focal part in birthing the TAG venture, she was allowed to fill in as a co-overseeing chief of TAG in New York City. In 2014, Lori served in MDC accomplices as a chief and a CEO.

As per Blogwebpedia, Lori has encountered bunches of accomplishments in her vocation which merit specifying. By and by, she is an individual from the Ad Council and furthermore fills in as an executive also. In 2013, she figured out how to win the Quantum Leap Award because of her imaginative and striking authority abilities. Her capacity to enable organizations to develop amazingly for a concise period is generally refreshing in various gatherings. Any business that looked for her administrations realizes that they will all yield positive outcomes. Follow Lori on Twitter.

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Chris Burch – The Art of Developing Companies

Many entrepreneurs in the world end up failing and not succeeding because of the lack of leadership skills and the proper traits to lead businesses and deal with all the pressure of being a company owner.

Christopher Burch has the necessary traits to be a great leader, and is currently the founder and CEO of his private investment firm, the Burch Creative Capital.

Although he is better known for his work at Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch has many businesses in his career under his belt. He has led many companies in the past to success, changed the lives of many employees and learned all kinds of businesses and industries. The life of an entrepreneur rarely stays confined to one type of business.  Related reading on

Chris Burch co-founded the venture Tory Burch LLC with his partner Tory, but also co-founded another company with a familiar name, C. Wonder, which was sold for millions of dollars and was a business success in all departments.  Additional reading here.

Because of how Christopher Burch has a clear vision of the entrepreneurial life and what needs to be done, the presence of a business developer has become instinct for the man, turning him into one of the most searched-for and appreciated entrepreneurs in his business circle.   A proof of his entrepreneurial life and output in this article on

With an online presence that is remarkable and a position in the world that has led him to being one of the biggest billionaires in the world, according to Forbes’ list of the wealthiest billionaires alive today, Chris Burch has a keen understanding of financial administration and building business philosophies that has changed the companies he worked with in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

For young entrepreneurs, Burch’s career is a great case of study, as it teaches how success does not come from talent or easy routes. The career of the businessman has more than forty years of grinding and learning with mentors, with competitors, and, the biggest of all the learning experiences, learning with failures and falls.  For an update of his recent timeline activities, hit

He has tacked the hotel & resort business, tackled philanthropy and charity, especially now that he is a successful and settled billionaire, and has also studied other types of companies to make sure he always has an edge on the competition. More reading about his hotel and resort venture on

Chris has also assisted many entrepreneurs and students in his life. As he learned with mentors during his whole career, now he is becoming the mentor with decades of experience as a multibillionaire entrepreneur. Have a glimpse of his entrepreneurial vision and output, visit the website at

Meet Logan Stout; a Business Owner, an Author, and Speaker

There are many entrepreneurs with desires to help upcoming investors. Logan Stout is an entrepreneur who has generated billions of dollars throughout his career. He has always worked hard in his works to reach where he is today. He is the CEO and the founder of IDLife. He is also the CEO of Dallas Patriots baseball organization. Stout is a motivational speaker and one of the best-selling authors in the world.

Logan is passionate about helping people with business ideas. He knows great business ideas can completely change the life of an individual. Therefore, he assists many people in actualizing business ideas. He also helps people to grow their leadership qualities through his speeches and books. He has partnered with many experienced authors and speakers to help people with advice.

Stout Advice: The Secretes to Building Yourself, People, and Teamsis a book published by Logan in 2013. This book aims to inspire and empower readers. It targets those people who are struggling in life to attain their set goals. The book has been read by many and people are empowered by wise advice from Logan. Renowned investors Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran endorsed the book saying it is very beneficial.

IDLife is a company specialized in the manufacture of nutritional supplements. The supplements are organic and healthy. These supplements are essential when it comes to weight management as well as bodybuilding. IDLife has grown significantly, and entrepreneurs like Darwin Deason and Troy Aikman have partnered with Logan in educating people on the importance of wellness and health. As a result of healthy products, IDLife was recognized as one of the hundred Solid Top MLM Firms in the world.

Logan Stout has been featured by many publications like Philadelphia Life Magazine, New York Times as well as The Dallas Morning News. Logan is a married man and a father to two sons, and they live in Frisco, Texas. Logan desire to help people is unmatched. He works hard to ensure people have better lives and meet their goals with ease. As a speaker and author, it is evident his advice reaches many people. Also Through Dallas Patriots Baseball organization, he has helped many young people who love baseball.

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Are You Ready for a Taste of Dr Reddy?

If you find yourself in Dr Akhill Reddy’s dentist office for a dental check-up, there’s a good chance you won’t be leaving with just a a clean mouth, you may find yourself leaving with a fine wine recommendation as well.

Dr Akhill Reddy is not only a dentist with the MB2 Dental Solutions team, but also spends much of his time drilling into his wine-tasting skills. And the two seem to overlap and compliment each other well. As a dental professional Dr Akhill Reddy looks for ways to make trips to the dental office affordable for all. He also likes to apply that same principle to wine-buying. A quality wine at an affordable price (but don’t expect to rinse with a cabernet sauvignon or pinot grigio – water is still the mainstay).

But it’s not only Dr Akhill Reddy’s sense and knowledge of what makes a good wine “good”, but he also has a sense of fashion. He has contributed to the the site www.TheBroTalk helping medical professionals dress their best knowing that the white coat is unavoidable yet it alone doesn’t have the final statement in how you look. form khakis and dark jeans to the coordinating dress shirt and when to wear a tie he knows that how a medical professional dresses under the white coat can make a bold statement as well.

However with a fashion sense and wine knowledge, Dr Akhill Reddy’s first calling is dentistry. He knows that continuing education is a necessity to being at the front of one’s field and is constantly reading to keep up on the latest breakthroughs – for both himself as a dentist and for the patient experience. It’s one of the reasons he is a part of the MB2 Dental Solution team. A team that takes care of the non-medical aspects so he can focus on what matter’s most – your experience. The experience of coming-in and being welcomed into his office, the experience of the appointment itself, and the experience of a check-up well done, making sure you will look forward to your next return, and next, and next.