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Jack Plotkin and the Importance of Data Security

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin has been one of the leading voices in the world of healthcare. He has been pushing the industry to reform and become more accessible to a larger group of people. One of the ways this can happen is through something called telehealth. Jack Plotkin is the CPO of Virtual Health. For those who might not know, this company is one of the leaders in the world of telehealth. Through this method, people have the ability to visit with a doctor virtually, without having to travel to his or her office. At the same time, this mode of healthcare also has its fair share of risks. It is important for everyone to understand the importance of data security.

Jack Plotkin

When someone visits with a healthcare professional in the virtual setting, this data is transmitted using wireless technology. In order for doctors to make important decisions regarding someone’s healthcare, they need to have access to a wide range of data. While this data allows doctors to make important decisions regarding someone’s healthcare, they also need to take steps to protect this data. There are plenty of people who would like to get their hands on this data and it is important for everyone to take steps to protect it. This includes doctors, hospitals, and the patients themselves. It is important for everyone to safeguard this important data.

Jack Plotkin is primed to lead the world of telehealth into the future. Even though there are going to be significant changes, there are plenty of opportunities for people to embrace telehealth. In a lot of ways, Jack Plotkin sees the world of telehealth as a significant part of the future of healthcare. It will be exciting to see what Virtual Health, and the rest of the telehealth world, does in the future. It has the potential to increase people’s access to healthcare all over the country.

Luke Lazarus Helps Business Owners Find A Vision And Success

It has been found that the majority of businesses that are started up fail while they are still in their first five years of life. There are just a small percentage of new business owners who are able to make the businesses that they start up successful.

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For anyone starting up a new business, it can be helpful to have someone who they can turn to for advice and to help them figure out what it takes to make a business do well. Luke Lazarus is available to those starting up new businesses so that they do not have to be all alone as they try to make those businesses last.

Luke Lazarus was born in Melbourne, Australia, and he chose to stay close to home while receiving his education. He could have moved to another country to attend a university, as he was wanted by many universities, but he chose to study at the Melbourne Business School.

After he finished college, this man started to create companies. He created four different companies and was able to sell each one for a good amount of money. He created all four of those companies during the first ten years that he spent out of college, proving that this man knows how to start up a business and make it successful.

There was a point in the life of Luke Lazarus where he figured out that he wasn’t interested in the money that he could make from his companies as much as he was interested in the fulfillment that he got when helping others.

He got to a point in his life where he didn’t really care about the money that he was earning but where he wanted to help those who were getting businesses started. At that point, this man started his work as a business consultant. He made his services available to those who were starting businesses and in need of help to make them thrive.

Luke Lazarus is straightforward when he is talking with business owners. He knows that those people need to hear the facts so that they can figure out how they need to change.

This man helps people know which skills they are lacking so that they can grow and better run their businesses. This man is also interested in helping business owners set up their businesses in a way that will help them get attention from those who are looking for businesses that they can invest in.

The business world is constantly changing, and Luke Lazarus helps people keep up with the changes that are taking place.

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This man helps those thinking of starting businesses to really think about what they are doing and whether or not they are prepared for what they are taking on. This man helps people figure out what their vision is.

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Maarten De Jeu Discusses the Importance of Investing on Commercial Real Estate

Maarten De Jeu is a popular strategic advisor for numerous esteemed companies. He has been known for providing crucial investment insight to his many clients. Now, he does not hesitate to talk about individual investors who can utilize commercial real estate investment opportunities, so they can reap its numerous advantages to help them achieve both short-term and long-term investment goals.

This very friendly guy explains the advantages of adding commercial real estate as an important pillar for people’s investment portfolios. Maarten De Jeu further assuages that getting into this kind of investment is a lot easier than you might think. He notes that commercial real estate investment opportunities have actually now become more accessible to ordinary investors. Back in the day, this kind of investment platform was only for institutional investors or the extremely wealthy. Now, individual investors like you can invest in commercial real estate projects, too.

The Lowdown on Commercial Real Estate Investments

Commercial real estate, such as office buildings, industrial parks, multi-family rentals, retail spaces, and manufacturing centers, are used for making a profit. Typically, investing in this area means putting your money in larger properties that are more expensive to buy, construct, and maintain. This is why in the olden days, it was hard for ordinary investors to go this route. However, recent changes in laws now allow the average joe to benefit from equity ownership in bigger commercial real estate projects.

Examples of Recent Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities 

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act in 2012 revolutionized this industry by easing restrictions on small businesses. In addition, this allows crowdfunding as a way for businesses to attract individual investors, who normally do not have sufficient capital on their own to invest in new business.

Now, small-time and non-accredited investors can invest a small amount like $5,000 in pre-selected commercial real estate properties. Doing so can help them earn a pro-rated share in the rent or from the increase in property value if it is sold.

Maarten De Jue mentions that there is also another option to collect monthly interest payments on a secured loan. All of these options allow investors to re-invest whatever financial gains they make on other investment opportunities that may come with certain tax advantages. Learn more:

Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Maarten De Jeu said the commercial real estate investments are vastly different than traditional stocks and bonds investments because real estate is based on specific assets and does not depend on market fluctuations. Generally, a commercial real estate investment property is protected from many risk factors that hedge on the whims Some of the benefits are the following: 

  • Smaller investing fees: Traditional stock or mutual funds portfolio requires paying a management fee to a certified financial advisor. A commercial real estate doe investment does not demand those steep fees. Online access to the real estate portfolio is ready, making the monitoring of your assets’ performance a lot easier.
  • Protects against inflation: With rising prices of goods and services over time, this poses a major problem for stock and bond investments because they will not appreciate the same commensurate manner as the inflation rate. However, these threats do not influence your commercial real estate. In fact, with time, real estate properties tend to appreciate their value at a higher rate than inflation. If your assets are on rent, fret not because there are rent escalation laws in place.  
  • Risk management through diversification: Investing in this area allows you to diversify your portfolio. As the saying goes, you must never put your eggs all in one basket. Remember, commercial real estate are not dependent on the fluctuations of the very volatile stock market.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a great reputation and one that they plan to keep as they continue to expand and treat patients. Visit to know more about CTCA.

The company, of course, has had to make changes as they progress as most companies do. Like most other companies there are natural changes that happen and sometimes that does include the change of a CEO the new CEO that is coming into the CTCA is very excited to get right to work and make the company shine even brighter. Visit Modern Healthcare to know more about CTCA.

Dr. Pat Basu was named the new CEO of the company and the first few things he wants to work on are expansion, affordability, and the online portal that should have come about a long time ago. As for the online portal he wants to make sure that it expands and is working as it should so that it is not just a way for the patient to stay informed about their health but another tool that they can use to ask questions because he knows that sometimes patients remember the question after they have already left.


Doing What Matters Most: Oren Frank

There are those who decide that they want to help others, and so they donate $20 to charity, and that’s great! However, there are those like Oren Frank who go above and beyond the call of duty by becoming the CEO and Co-Founder of a company that helps others. Oren has many years under his belt working for Talkspace, and it is easy to tell that he knows what he is doing. Thanks to all of the work that he has done, his company is becoming one of the best for online and mobile psychotherapy. Read more about Oren Frank at

This platform, that was partly the creation of Oren, was meant to be the light at the end of the tunnel for those who were not capable of getting to their therapy appointments. Of course, there are many reasons as to why someone would not be able to go to an office. Some people are single parents, some people work too much, some people are not mentally capable of leaving their own homes. For those people, this platform is a amazing.

Time is really important to everyone, not just those who have to work or the those who run businesses, but also to those like stay at home moms. Money is also equally as important. So, why not save on both time and money by utilizing Talkspace?

More than 1 million people have put their trust into those working at the Talkspace company. Oren Frank and his wife designed the company themselves, as a way for those in need to find help when they thought they would never be able to. Thanks to them, and the aid of some licensed therapists, a lot of people have received the help the they deserve. It really is easy to see that Oren Frank and his wife really do have a lot of compassion.


Grupo RBS Moves Into The Recording And Book Publishing Industries Under Nelson Sirotsky

In 1986, the founder of the Grupo RBS media brand, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho passed away and was replaced in his position of Chairperson by his son, Nelson Sirotsky. The work of Nelson Sirotsky was focused on the development of the Grupo RBS brand to maintain pace with the changing pace of technology in the media industry. In 2012, Nelson Sirotsky decided the time had come for him to step down as Chairperson with his planned succession with his nephew, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer then moving apace.

Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho had been an influential and innovative leader for the RBS brand when it was still known as the separate entities of TV Gaucho and Radio Gaucho. Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho would take an innovative approach to build a media empire in the 1950s and 60s when he purchased a range of radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers. In just a decade after the 1957 launch of Radio Gaucho, the founder had managed to add all kinds of media outlets to his growing list of companies, reports by

The 1986 passing of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho came at a time when the Grupo RBS brand was still focused on expanding its empire through the establishment of newspapers across Santa Catarina and Rio Grande du Sol. Nelson Sirotsky saw the opportunity to move the brand into new areas with the purchase of recording companies and distributors. Alongside the development of the recording sector for Grupo RBS, Nelson Sirotsky would also lead the brand into the book publishing arena with the addition of new companies within the brand.

The planned succession to the Harvard Business School educated Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer came in 2012 with the new Chairperson initially expanding on the work of Nelson Sirotsky. The former Chairperson of the brand had begun a move towards mobile content with the purchase of existing brands in the sector and would continue this successful area of development in the following years. The new Chairperson eventually decided to establish a new era for the Sirotsky family when he launched eBricks Ventures, an investment company aiming to expand the work of the Sirotsky family into new areas of business.

Niranjan Shah: The Wise Man Behind Globetrotters Engineering

In 1974, a wise man, by the name of Niranjan Shah, began the Globetrotter Engineering Corporation. It is a privately-owned company that enlists in the planning of building services in the manufacturing field, engineering field, and architectural field. Globetrotter Engineering takes action towards the management of certain properties so that they can be provided with technical information that would meet their day-to-day needs Their company headquarters can be seen in Chicago, Illinois. They provide the best work with scientific developments that would resolve some of the technical problems that can be heard on a regular basis.

Niranjan Shah and his team work on scaling their assets that would meet the business standards. In other words, this company does their best to help other businesses reach their goals of production. Niranjan Shah is also involved in the consulting business at Globetrotters Engineering, which means he and his team can consult with their clients about new product ideas. Since he did receive his Bachelor of Engineering degree and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Niranjan Shah is highly qualified to mastering architectural foundations.

Globetrotters Engineering wants to help a business get off the ground. They are well-known for building embankments, pavements, and insignificant materials for low-volume roads. One of the biggest successful projects that Globetrotters Engineering develop was the Deep Tunnel Project in Chicago. By 1986, they were rewarded with the American Society of Civil Engineers, which is a big milestone for any Engineering firm.

Globetrotters Engineering gained much respect and gratitude from the City of Chicago when they help build the John Stroger Jr. Hospital and the Midway International Airport.

To conclude, Niranjan Shah and his entire group of staff at Globetrotters Engineering have accomplished many goals when it comes to developing a solid foundation for a new business. As the wise man behind the Engineering firm, he is looking forward to developing and consulting ideas and plans for not only the City of Chicago but even for the world.

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Prevagen: The Supplement That You Need To Lead A Healthier Life

People all over the world are constantly on a quest for ways in which they can become more active and lead a healthier life.

Right from diets to shakes, pills to unique herbs, there are plenty of treatments out there that claim to give us everything that we need to lead out best lives.

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No matter which part of the world you live in, you are always bound to find remedies that claim to give you everything that you need. While some of these may have bigger claims than others, the fact remains that not all of them work as they should. Most of these so-called remedies tend to be defective or do nothing.

There are of course instances in which these remedies can actually cause harm to your body instead of good. This makes it important to find the best remedies that actually work, and which can help you in this process.

People all over the world are constantly on a quest for ways in which they can become more active and lead a healthier life. Right from diets to shakes, pills to unique herbs, there are plenty of treatments out there that claim to give us everything that we need to lead out best lives.

No matter which part of the world you live in, you are always bound to find remedies that claim to give you everything that you need. While some of these may have bigger claims than others, the fact remains that not all of them work as they should.

Most of these so-called remedies tend to be defective or do nothing. There are of course instances in which these remedies can actually cause harm to your body instead of good. This makes it important to find the best remedies that actually work, and which can help you in this process.

Supplements have always been a go-to choice for those who want to lead a healthier life and who want to give their bodies all the nutrients that it needs to stay fit and healthy.

However, just like other forms of remedies, supplements too can be detrimental to your health if you don’t know which are the right ones to take. One supplement brand that has showcased impressive results with regards to its effectiveness and with regards to the impact that it can have on the body is Prevagen.

The drug has bee proven to be incredibly beneficial for people of all age groups and is a supplement that is incredibly effective.

Prevagen is a supplement that is designed to help those who want not only their body to be fit, but who want their mind to be fit as well. The supplement has been extensively tested before releasing it to the market, which can attest to the efficiency that it comes with.

The studies that have been conducted showcased the impact that Prevagen could have on the body and outlined the different ways in which it could help the body as well as the mind.

One study conducted showcased the impact that Prevagen could have on the body during a ninety-day period. For this study, two groups of people belonging to different age groups were formed, one of which was given a Placebo and the other, Prevagen.

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The group that was given Prevagen showcased incredible results and reported feeling more lively and energetic and reported having an overall better feeling throughout their body. They also reported feeling clearer in their minds and having clearer thoughts.

There were also instances in which Prevagen proved to be beneficial for those who had mild forms of memory impairment and who had a hard time remembering things on a day to day basis.

Many of these patients reported having better memory after having taken Prevagen for a ninety-day period. This study, therefore, showcased that Prevagen could be incredibly beneficial for those who want to boost their memory and want to have a healthier brain in the process.

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Taking A Quick Inventory Of The Career Of Marc Beer Reveals An Impressive Trajectory:

For Marc Beer, his professional life has been an exciting journey that has provided him with ample opportunity to show the level of skills that he possesses as an entrepreneur. His career can be described as one of steady and consistent success as it has been filled with examples of him taking businesses and guiding them to new levels of success. The ability that Marc Beer has to problem solve has had a lot to do with these successes that he has achieved over the years. This natural ability that he possesses is something that has allowed Marc to excel in his chosen field of business. This field is the pharmaceutical and medical technology sector and he has become one of this industry’s most impressive success stories. These days Marc Beer continues his path of success with the most recent endeavor he has engaged himself with. This company is known as Renovia. The work that is being done by Marc Beer and the team he has assembled at this innovative company is changing the medical field in how pelvic floor disorders are treated. The result of this is a higher quality of life for countless women around the world who suffer from these disorders.

To come to an understanding of how Marc Beer has gotten to where he is today, it is necessary to understand where he has come from. Starting with his educational background is as good a place as any since it helped to set him up for his future successes. His college education took place at Miami University and his 1987 graduation was marked by his being awarded a degree in business. This excellent educational background in business was something that Marc Beer was able to seamlessly integrate with his natural skills in the field. These abilities put him on a fast track to the top of the pharmaceutical company Genzyme. He moved up the company ladder until he reached the position of VP in the Global Marketing Department. Marc used this opportunity to help take the company’s marketing to the next level. The result was the fact that countless individuals gained access to Genzyme products that were beneficial to them in dealing with their medical conditions. Learn more:

The experience that he gained during his time with Genzyme was formative for Marc Beer but equally formative was the great sense of accomplishment that he gained from helping so many patients through his work. He wanted to repeat this success with a company of his own. In 2000 he got his chance when he launched Viacell. The biotech firm made major headway in its research on the topic of stem cells from the umbilical cord. Marc Beer poured his all into Viacell and grew the firm rapidly. In 2005, he took the organization public. Two years after this, Marc was able to sell the company and receive an impressive price tag of $300 million.

It was after some time off that Marc Beer launched his new venture known as Renovia. With this firm, he continues to do the same kind of outstanding work that has characterized his career. He is also helping people which is something that he truly loves.

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Sheldon Lavin Shares His Sustainability Vision for ISO Group

Article Text:

Sheldon Lavin has been the CEO of OSI Group since the mid-70s, and during his helm at the top, the company shot up the ranks to become one of the largest food producers in the world. According to the CEO, the company has always been at the forefront of embracing change and innovation under his leadership. It is this culture that opened up the ISO Group to embracing technology during the automation boom that helped it grow to what it is today.

It’s time for the company to change again and lead the rest of the food industry towards sustainability and environment friendliness. Recently, Sheldon came out to share his sustainability vision for the company. Learn More about Sheldon Lavin at

The Willingness to Take Risks

The food sector is one of the most volatile areas of business, and taking a risk can lead the company down the drain. Despite this danger, this premier food producer has always done it with very fulfilling results. Sheldon Lavin mentioned that now, the company has expanded its willingness to take risks. Thereby, all the decisions currently made by the company involve – is this environmentally sustainable?

Investing In Innovation and R&D

This CEO went on to reveal that his company will be increasing its investment in research and development. This will enable the company to come up with sustainable options for its needs much faster. Sheldon Lavin went on to say the ISO Group has set up two Culinary Innovation Centers – one in China and one in the United States. In addition to this, there is also an R&D Center in Chicago. The innovations from these centers are expected to push this company and the rest of the food industry to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

About Sheldon

Sheldon Lavin is a season business executive and has served as the CEO of ISO Group for more than four decades. Under his watch, this company has grown from a domestic food processor to a global player boasting of 65 locations in 17 countries. As a result of his exceptional leadership and career achievements, Sheldon was recognized by Vision World Academy India and awarded the Global Visionary Award in February 2016.