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Luke Lazarus Delivers Entrpereneurial Business Support thru Consultancy

Today’s business startups are divided into two types. The first type of startup that we experience today are those that find a way to make a successful start and continue along for 5-10 years and then become well-established in their careers, while the second type of business finds snags that keep them from completing their business goals.

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Both models are common to any business environment, but the second type is very vulnerable because if they do not find the right kind of help, they may have to leave the business altogether.

A serial-entrepreneur is a business leader who can start one business after another and see positive results in 90% or more of their efforts. These entrepreneurs have unique skills and abilities that have their origin in pure talent. These are the kinds of leaders that become president, CEOs and written about by Forbes and other financial magazines.

It is even rarer for these individuals to leave their career path and to seek to help others and move their career path aside. We have in recent years witnessed these rock-stars of business in reality TV shows like “The Apprentice,” “Shark Tank,” and “Dragon’s Den,” which has given a platform for these individuals to not only help others but also to become very well known to the general public and the business world.

While Luke Lazarus has not yet become a reality TV persona, he has extended his decades of experience to help startup businesses excel through his business consultancy.

Luke Lazarus is one of this generations’ business leaders who is supporting business startups with decades of experience, knowledge, and insights.

Luke Lazarus opened his consultancy in 2013 following years of experience as a successful business manager and with four successful businesses, yet he now brings his expertise to bear on helping startup businesses resolve business issues from keeping them to advance in their business.

Today’s business owners have many different kinds of challenges, and one of them is the saturation of all sorts of businesses in the marketplace. Many startups have difficulty in fulfilling their financial dreams because the competition is so fierce it causes some to leave the market altogether.

Another choice that companies take when faced with problems they need to solve is to look for a successful advisor or consultant to help iron out the issues they have been unable to resolve on their own experience.

Luke Lazarus began his career in the small town of Perth, Australia, where, at a young age, he took to business very quickly. At the age of eight, Luke Lazarus found success in patching together his ideas into a successful business plan.

It was an enjoyable experience for the young boy of eight, and the experience remained with Luke Lazarus as he attended grade school, high school, and college.

After completing his MBA at Melbourne Business School, Luke Lazarus entered the business world as all of his peers had done for years before him, but he was confident he had made all of the right preparations for what he felt was the path to his career.

As mentioned already above, within eight years of graduation from Melbourne Business School, Luke Lazarus achieved success in not just one business but four.

After selling all four of his companies, he decided to dedicate his career to assisting business startups to improve their businesses and in 2013, launched the Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia.

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Since launching in 2013, Luke Lazarus has used his rigorous methods to bring about positive results in many of the startup businesses he has helped. Some have received startup dollars from a venture capitalist, while others continued in their companies with a new start.

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Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa, and this journey had never been easy. She was the daughter of the former president of Angola, but her journey was still full of hurdles and challenges which she fearlessly faced while stepping into the world of entrepreneurship.

One thing that Isabel dos Santos felt the most was the male dominance in the business community of Africa, which caused some unseen and unspoken delays whenever a woman decided to or tried to work and do some business. Since that day, Isabel has geared up to facilitate the women of Africa as much as she can so that the entrepreneurship no more remains a problem or a question for a woman to be called as successful.

She has always been in a hunt to creating opportunities for the people of Africa, specifically the female community. She has always believed in the fact that the creation of opportunities and options for women is the only way that can ensure the progressive community of any country. This also helps in the empowerment of the women and proves to be helpful for everyone in the long run. Isabel dos Santos says the empowerment of women improves education, health, and over the status of the family, which adds to the progress of a country at a great level. Transformation is the word she often uses as the result of women’s empowerment.

Isabel dos Santos is hopeful for a bright future for female entrepreneurs in Africa. She sees talent and grit, endurance, and willingness in the women of Africa, which must be polished in every possible way. She especially advises young females to improve whatever skills they are interested in. This gets them an early start into the business world. She is more focused on bringing women into tourism, manufacturing, and communications. Agriculture is also a very promising sector where the females can step into and bring progress to the economy of their country. She wants to give ripple in the stagnant economy of Africa, which she can bring easily because women are very much capable of that.

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MaurícioMendonça Godoy Holds On To Good Ideas And Lets Go Of Others

MaurícioMendonça Godoy graduated from college in 1983. He attended Mackenzie Presbyterian University and studied both Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering. This man serves as CEO of Estaleiros do Brasil. Asking questions is important to this man and something that he has done throughout his life to help him in his work. He encourages others to ask questions and then ask more questions in order to learn.

Those who work in an ethical way will not only gain respect from others but they will come into less problems as they go through their lives. MaurícioMendonça Godoy has shared that he believes that it is important for a person to stay ethical in the way that they work. Ethics are important to him and he tries to be ethical in the things that he chooses to do and not do. When a person acts ethically, people will trust them. This man has shared that he is a fan of the book The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey because it talks about the importance of gaining trust from other people.

When there is a large project that a person is working on, they are going to come across problems that they will have to face. MaurícioMendonça Godoy has shared how it is important for a person to push through the problems and find a way to continue on with their work. He has shared that he has had to struggle in many projects that he has taken on but he has always felt good when he persisted.

A person needs to be able to come up with ideas if they want to do well when running a company and they also need to be willing to let go of ideas. MaurícioMendonça Godoy has shared that he has had to let go of some of the ideas that he has come up with through the years because he knew that they would not be beneficial to his work.

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The Connection Between Meatless Burgers & OSI Industries

Meatless burger are on the rise, and there are quite a few brands that have taken over the market. One of those brands just so happens to be Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods has used its lab-grown beef to revolutionize the food industry. The company is based out of California, and its Impossible Burger is one of the most popular products on the market today. The Impossible Burger is 100 percent meatless, but it possesses the same meaty taste as its traditional counterpart. The demands for healthier foods have reached an all-time high on a global scale. Impossible Foods and other alternative brands have certainly filled the void via their plant-based solutions.

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Getting the products to the public is a completely different act, and all food distributors are not the same. Impossible Foods has decided to go with OSI Industries. OSI Industries needs no introduction as it currently provides food services for a number of prominent brands in the food industry. OSI has up to a century’s worth of expertise in the game, and it has successfully navigated the pitfalls of the industry on a number of occasions. By working exclusively with Impossible Foods, OSI will provide the infrastructure to mass-produce these delightful products. This means that an expected 17,000 eateries will be serving the burgers before the year 2020 comes in existence.

Before the implementation of OSI Industries, Impossible Foods was scheduled to serve its meatless burgers to an estimated 3,000 restaurants. With the addition of OSI Industries, this particular rate has expanded by six times. Industry insiders have stated that plant-based foods will grow in popularity over the next couple of years as more and more people are deciding to eat much healthier diets.

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American Addiction Centers: Preparedness and Prevention

Drug use on the college campus has been an increasing epidemic. Many students succumb to drugs or alcohol for various reasons. Some reasons are they’re adjusting to college life away from home, relationships or stress for finals. American Addiction Centers is a company that helps people recover from substance abuse and deal with mental health.

The center is advising parents to be aware of alcohol and drug abuse that takes place on college campuses. With parents being aware they can properly prepare their children before they send them away to college.

Substance abuse can become an unsuspecting habit. It starts out as being something to help a person feel better, calms anxiety or just to have fun. Not many people participate in drug or alcohol use thinking they will become addicted.

Over half of college students will have had an alcoholic drink within the first few months. Some will have tried amphetamines while others will have used drugs like Adderall to help them be more productive.

A lot of students are introduced to using drugs when they go away to college. Missy Pollack is the alumni director for Recovery First in Fort Lauderdale. She knows what it is like to deal with drug addiction and has been in recovery for almost five years. She stated that she was introduced to Adderall during finals week of her freshman year in college.

Missy stated that she was studying in the library when she was offered the drug. She didn’t think much of it because it was asked openly. Nobody around her said anything otherwise, so she tried it.

She liked the way it made her feel because, as stated above, it made her feel more productive. What she did not realize was that this would become a habit that she would have to overcome. Her personality started to change to the point that things began to become unwound. Read more: American Addiction Centers Network Of National Facilities and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

As she reflected on her past experience she stated that she wished someone would have seen what was really going on with her and said something about her behavior.

Many times changes in behavior are ignored because the signs are misunderstood. People simply don’t know what to look for. Missy listed five signs that she went through during her addiction and pleads for parents and friends to look out for them.

The first sign is differences in appearance. This sign can be easily overlooked as styles often change. The second is mood swings. Frequent mood swings show that the person is not in control of their mood.

The third is changes in sleep patterns. One day a person can sleep for several hours. The next day they may not sleep at all. The fourth sign is they lie all the time. A sign that someone could be abusing drugs is that they lie about everything.

Last sign, they are paranoid. Paranoia can present a problem for normal functioning because the person trusts no one.

Watching for these signs can alert the parent or friend that the person needs help.

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Smita Shah Demystifying Career Myths

Smita Shah is a highly powerful and influential business lady who is breaking professional barriers and acting as a role model for women aspiring to become engineers. Engineering is one field that is male-dominated and considered as a male profession. Smita Shah is demystifying that myth as she is not only one of the best civil engineers in the US but also an entrepreneur. She owns the fastest-growing engineering company in the US. 

Smita Shah’s passion for engineering did not start today. Shah vividly remembers her school days. While her peers in elementary school were busy playing outside, she on the other side was busy solving complex math problems. She continued pursuing mathematics even as she progressed to a higher level of education. In the university shah innovatively used her math skills in social event and as a result, she became popular at the college. Smita Shah in 1994 joined the Northwestern University for her undergraduate studies in civil engineering. She graduated in the year 1994 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil engineering. Shah did not stop there, immediately after her graduation enrolled for a Master’s of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the prestigious MIT University. She graduated from MIT in 1996 and quickly ventured into entrepreneurship.

Smita Shah, in the year 1998 launched her first company, SPAAN Tech, Inc. The firm has over the years grown to become one of the most in-demand companies in the whole of the United States. It has been awarded major federal and state governments’ contracts and has delivered above expectations. Shah for his achievements has been recognized for several awards, and they include Secretary State Distinguished Leader Award that she was awarded by the Secretary of State Jesse White in 2017, Crain’s Chicago Business Most Connected Person Award and University of Chicago Alumni Award among others. Shah besides SPAAN Tech serves as a member of the board of directors of the Chicago based Museum of Science and Industry and is also the Vice-Chairperson of the Chicago Plan Commission. Learn more:

Smita Shah, besides being actively involved in matters business is a civic leader and a women empowerment ambassador. Shah for years now has been very instrumental in championing for the rights of women in the workplace and entrepreneurship. Shah takes each opportunity she has to encourage other women to fight for their space in the workplace and the world of business. Shah shares some women empowerment best practices, and according to her women should not expect to be given leadership positions in the workplace on a silver plate but should demonstrate their ability to lead. Shah says that women are their enemies and one stumbling block to their success is a poor self-image. Many women, according to Shah are looking down upon themselves as people who cannot lead but be lead. Women should change such stereotypes, shift their self-image view, and start believing in themselves. Some of the best practices that can help empower women at the workplace according to Shah include believing in themselves, examining their ability, exerting a strong presence at the workplace, focusing on short term goals and not allowing other people to take credit for their achievements among others.

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Kevin Plank Chooses To Keep Under Armour Headquartered In Baltimore, Because He Believes In The City

With its global headquarters situated in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, the Under Armour sportswear company is a popular brand with consumers of all ages. A recent article on the Gazette Day website takes a look at the company’s founder and CEO, Kevin Plank, and his consistent efforts to promote and defend his hometown.

After the current presidential administration slammed Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings and Baltimore in general earlier this year, Kevin Plank publicly responded to the criticism.

Since 1998, the Under Armour company has been based in Baltimore, and the company has become a big part of the city’s culture. As a former University of Maryland football player, Mr. Plank has utilized his sense of motivation to turn Under Armour into one of the world’s leading brands of performance apparel.

After the president made some derogatory comments about the congressman, and described Baltimore in very unflattering terms, many people felt that the comments were not true and unfair.

To show his displeasure with the negative comments being directed at his beloved Baltimore, Plank released a minute-long, Under Armour commercial that celebrates the city, on Instagram. The CEO also let the White House know that his company is proud to be based in Baltimore.

The Under Armour commercial features scenes of Baltimore, as well as company employees and other members of the community on and off the job. The commercial urges residents of the city to work together, and emphasizes that there is more that still needs to be done there.

Well-known for his philanthropic efforts, Kevin Plank has consistently been giving back to Baltimore for years now. Along with his wife Desiree, Mr. Plank helps to support college scholarships for many area students, and was instrumental in the development of a local community and recreation center.

Under the leadership of Kevin Plank, Under Armour has achieved massive growth, and now has 16,000 employees worldwide. Keeping the company headquartered in Baltimore has been, and continues to be a beneficial experience for everyone involved.


A Fast Food Health Revolution

Anna Starostinetskaya writing for VegNews shares a potentially enormous paradigm shift, a nationwide partnership between McDonalds leading meat supplier OSI Group, and plant-based meat substitute developer, Impossible Foods; offering plant-based burger substitutes to consumers who normally choose to consume meat based products in various fast food chains. OSI Group enthusiastically partnered with Impossible Foods once it recognized that its 60 years of experience supplying McDonalds with meat strategically position it to capitalize upon a significant opportunity; supplying and enhancing the production capacity for millions of plant-based Impossible Burgers to seamlessly flow throughout fast food chains of numerous customers.

Since the introduction of Impossible Foods’ plant-derived fast food burger, consumer craving has been driven into a frenzy. Over the span of 60 years, McDonalds has met the demand for over one-billion requests for meat products. The meat supplying company aims to meet the demand for delicious plant-based products that surprisingly taste and has a similar texture as meat. News Version suggests that consumers are saying that the delicious taste and texture of the Impossible Burger is what is influencing thousands of restaurants to order Impossible Foods products. Previously, it seemed incomprehensible that there could be a plant-based burger that taste and has a similar texture as meat but now those days are over.

The next building block within this unique and a successful partnership is solidifying locations to sell the product on a continual basis. Finding locations to sell Impossible Foods products seems to be limitless. Burger King has indicated that by the end of 2019 it will offer Impossible Burgers in all of its USA franchises. Not only is Burger King partnering with Impossible Foods but White Castle has partnered. Their Impossible Sliders’ are literally flying off the counters. Once the Impossible Burger skydive into all fast foods, its presence will be overwhelmingly global. OSI Group’s partnership with Impossible Foods empowers plant-based, meat tasting and textured burgers to go nationwide and in time international through an efficient supply chain network.A perfected network, equals satisfied customers, resulting in skyrocketing sales. It seems a health-based revolution has entered into the fast food industry.

Iskandar Safa Moves From Civil Engineering To Shipbuilding And Philanthropy

The links between Iskandar Safa and France run extremely deeply with the founder and CEO making first major marks on the world in the European country. Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1955, by 1982 he had graduated from the French School INSEAD with an MBA and was ready to begin his career. Although he began life as a civil engineer, Iskandar Safa made his first major impact with the purchase of a shipbuilding yard through the Privinvest brand he owns alongside his brother, Akram.

In the early 1990s, Privinvest had become a solid investment firm with its eye on the ability to develop new areas of industry. As a designer and investment specialist who had some roots in France, Iskandar Safa looked to the French shipbuilding industry for his major success as he felt the superyacht market was his perfect home.

The first shipyard to be purchased was the Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie brand that had a history of success in the past. Iskandar and Akram Safa have gone on turn the Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie brand into such a success that they have also looked to add other shipyards to their growing brand that is now one of the largest in the world. See This Page for additional information.

By finding success with CMN, the Privinvest brand is building success for the future with CMN alone employing 400 people at its France-based shipyard.

Like many successful businesspeople, Iskandar Safa believes it is his role in business to develop new ways of passing on his success to others in the future. Philanthropy is a difficult part of life with entrepreneurs often struggling to find the right causes for their work. Iskandar Safa has not found problems with this because he weighs every move, including his decision to provide marble for the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral free of charge to return the church to its former glory. Get Additional Information Here.

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Equities First Holdings- UK

You can find Equities First Holdings in the United Kingdom area if you need financial aid out in that location. They are located on Aldersgate Street on the second floor of building 123. This company was built back in 2012 and has helped change around many lives for the better. Their previous name used to be called Meridian Equity Partners Limited.