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Ryan Seacrest Loves His Job

Ryan Seacrest didn’t get to where he is by accident. It took hard work and dedication to his craft. It took knowing that he wanted to embrace what he loved and enjoy coming into work every day. While most people would be satisfied with finding one job that they love, Ryan Seacrest has found 10. It isn’t necessarily that he enjoys all the work, but he enjoys the end product. This is how Ryan enjoys getting up everyday at 5am to co-host the long-standing popular morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Staying on track with 10 jobs means getting up early, building a schedule, and sticking to it religiously.

Although it wasn’t included in the official count of Ryan’s 10 job titles, scheduling should be one of his official roles. Starting his day early, Ryan starts out with taking in the news and a morning matcha on his way to Live with Kelly and Ryan. Moving to New York City from LA, Ryan relocated in order to be closer to his morning show. However, Ryan still maintains several jobs in LA, so he flies back to the city regularly, often on the weekends, and flies back to New York City by Monday morning. While in LA he keeps up with the many shows he executive produces on the E! channel as well as his hosting gigs during awards season. Ryan has also solidly become the new face of New Year’s Eve, hosting the countdown each year.

The way that Ryan is able to find the balance and stay sane while working so much is embracing the busyness. Ryan knows that being busy means that he’s working and doing what he loves. Staying organized and structured means that he can take on all his projects and do a great job while he’s at it. Turning down work isn’t in Ryan’s vocabulary; he’s grateful for all the work that has come his way and he doesn’t intend on stopping anytime soon.

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Victoria Doramus Works Closely With Four Amazing Non-Profit Organizations

Victoria Doramus is a marketing expert, recovery expert, and is a active philanthropist. She grew up in Colorado where Victoria attended college. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado in 2006. This article is an overviews of some of the organizations that Doramus works with, and she feels deeply connected to what they are trying to accomplish.

Room to Read was founded in 2000 and is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping children all over the world. They help increase literary rates, help with educational equality for all, and reward children with educational scholarships. Developing countries that need this help the most include India, Tanzania, Indonesia, and many more. Room to Read also helps girls attain education so they can achieve more success in life.

Best Friends Animal Society is a non-profit organization that is all about our furry friends. Victoria Doramus is a huge animal lover, so it’s no surprise she actively volunteers for this organization. What they do it help save animals from being killed in animal shelters all over the United States. They accomplish this by advocacy, finding these animals loving and safe homes, and providing them a safe haven at their sanctuaries for those who are not adopted out.

The next non-profit organization Victoria Doramus volunteers with is the Women’s Prison Association. They help women in every aspect of the American criminal justice system. They not only help prevent women from ending up going to jail and prison, but they also provide many services to women already there. They the Women’s Prison Association provides these women with safe housing, mental and health services, access to a higher education, and so much more.

One of the last organizations that Victoria works with is the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Amy was a iconic singer who tragically died at only 27 from alcohol poisoning. Her addiction took her life, so her father founded the foundation in honor of her. They help those who are at higher risk of addiction, they help education youth on the perils of drug and alcohol addiction, and much more. Amy’s private music studio is avaiable to at-risk youth who want to develop their musical talents.


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Agera Energy Allows for Significant Energy Saving Potential for their Customers

One of the energy companies that have been taking efforts for storing and using renewable energy to another level is Agera Energy. About Agera Energy primarily services retail customers across different markets in the United States and apart from supplying natural gas and electricity to residential properties and business/industrial operations; it also provides LED lighting solutions.

Agera Energy says that it is necessary that people are educated about how they can save on their increasing energy bills. One of the ways that Agera Energy has implemented to help the retail consumers is by providing LED lighting and installing services as well as by using the renewable energy. The company also offers tips to their customers allowing them to save their money.

Agera Energy has won many awards for their contribution towards best customer service efficiency. The company is already accredited by the BBB for their usage of the best and the most efficient energy system.

Zero complaints award for Agera Financial

The Better Business Bureau makes sure that businesses conform to certain standards. It also helps to resolve long-standing complaints that cannot be resolved between a consumer and a business. Even though it is often a way to get results after other options have failed, it is still rare for a business to receive zero complaints.

Despite it being rare, Agera Financial managed to get zero complaints in 2018. The staff did their best to make sure they met the needs of all their clients. This dedication to custome service is why so many investors choose Agera Financial to meet their needs.

Sunday Riley Mastery Game in the Skincare Products

Sunday Riley is the famous branding name that is known when it comes to cosmetics and other skincare products. The products from Sunday Riley has skyrocketed to the top products in the market. There are a lot praises that the products have attained for themselves in the market. Sunday Riley is a Texan entrepreneur who deals in skincare products. Nevertheless, her products have brand name from her name. According to the interview with Riley, she declared that she is not from cosmetics-based background but she learns about the products every day. She learns more on trial and errors.

Moreover, she said that her name came from his father who believed that it will be a great name for business when his child grows up and venture into business. From her cosmetics product she says she adore all of them and she has no preferred products among all. Again, Riley says she is prouder to have people with his skincare products on their counter. Good Genes is one of the most preferable cosmetics products.

The Good Genes product was introduced when there weren’t many acids in the US. Moreover, it’s a good product for instant results and where an average person can have a great look and it doesn’t irritate the skin. In the interview Sunday Riley shared his personal skin-care routine. According to Riley she washes the skin twice a day and uses Good Genes three times a the morning she does C.E.O Vitamin C serum afterward she follows with the Tidal. She let them stay on the face while she brushes the teeth then she applies the foundation and sunscreen. She washes her face then apply Luna and then she does C.E.O serum again.

Besides, she does U.F.O to keep her pores cleared out, she also does facial massage with Juno every once in a while. Riley also advised those who want to have great skin is by having it washed which she claims many people don’t do. Matcha is a green tea which has greatest strength with tonic properties. Sunday Riley has discovered the potential of matcha, seed oils and the avocado and has started making them as one of his products.

The larger than life personality of Ryan Seacrest

The larger than life personality of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest serves in different capacities in the broadcast and cable television. He is a well-known radio presenter with nationally syndicated radio and local radio shows. Ryan is among the award-winning team at Live and will be co-hosting permanently with Kelly Ripa. Ryan is also a philanthropist and entrepreneur with interests in different aspects of media and entertainment. His philanthropic efforts focus on youth-oriented programs and are having quite a significant impact on the nation.

Radio personality

Ryan Seacrest is a radio presenter who hosts On Air with Ryan Seacrest, a number one nationally syndicated Los Angeles morning drive time show. This show airs on iHeartMedia’s KIIS-FM. Ryan also brings you the nationally syndicated Top 40m radio show.

Television hosting

Ryan is the executive producer and host of the Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. This show is ABC’S annual New Year’s Eve program. He also brings you Live from the Red Carpet award shows. Ryan hosts the iconic music competition show, American Idol.

When it comes to a private venture, Ryan Seacrest has established himself as an entrepreneur. He founded Ryan Seacrest Productions in 2006. This entertainment company is credited with scripted, unscripted, and digital programming. RSP is responsible for hit shows that include Keeping Up with the Kardashians, E! Live from the Red Carpet, Shahs of Sunset, I Love Kellie Pickler and more, Shades of Blue, an NBC drama series starring Jenifer Lopez. Ryan Seacrest Production is also credited with producing award-winning reality series Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Ryan has invested in entertainment companies and media. Some of his establishments include the Civic Entertainment Group, a marketing services entity, Pinterest as well as att: a new media company whose target audience is the millennials. All this happens through the Seacrest Global Group. His independent investment includes DigiTour, Headspace, as well as the AXS TV cable network.

He has a menswear line dubbed Ryan Seacrest distinction, and a men’s skincare line dubbed Polished by Dr. Lancer. His philanthropy runs under the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and has opened different media centers in pediatric hospitals around the country. He also inspires the youth through entertainment that incorporates education-centered initiatives.

Jeffry Schneider, The Business Tycoon

Jeffry Schneider is an entrepreneur who is not only able to set goals then achieve them, but also can exceed them. This has been as a result of his vast experience in an industry where just the strong and the patient survive. The founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, Mr. Schneider has won the hearts of many customers by interacting with them and trying his best to offer his company’s services to them in the best way possible.

Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry, whose ideas are mostly born in the morning or evening, had a desire to bring global advisors something that was unique. He envisioned them connecting with the best and prominent sponsors and market managers. His dream was not far-fetched as he established Ascendant Capital which deals with alternative investments. Today his firm boasts of having a high customer turnover.

Mr. Schneider works very hard to ensure that his company is at the lead. He works tirelessly for 18 hours a day overseeing that projects are running smoothly. Even so, he is always in love with what he does and thus does not even realize when the time is elapsing. Mr. Schneider has assimilated most of his employees, who are now following his footsteps closely.

Jeffry advises that anyone who is wishing to invest should look for alternatives, and not only stick to the norm. Investments are meant to better a person’s life and not vice versa. Therefore, it is always wise to invest in something that is not fluctuating in value. He goes on to advice business owners to ever take responsibility for overseeing what is going on in their businesses. This way there will always be transparency, accountability, and trust among employers and employees. Mr. Jeffry Schneider is a bachelor’s degree holder from the University of Massachusetts based in Amherst

What You Need to Know About Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick was one gifted man with a lot of passions. He was a passionate author and some of the book that he never published. The second thing that Alastair Borthwick was passionate about was nature, and he used to climb the highland of Scotland, and he also captured the gloominess of the war in some of the graphic terms. Alastair Borthwick was a middle-class person, and that is the reason why he made a lot of friends. He was friends with common folks and tramps that were in the era marked by the tremendous social changes. The reason that made him stand out among many of the people in the community was the fact that he was a simple man. The belief that he had was that in the ideal life is worth writing thousands of words in the morning and catching a salmon in the afternoon.

Another factor that set him unique in the society was also a journalist and at the same time a broadcaster. He was a historian war factor and also in charge of organizing the national exhibition. He has been termed as the king of any genre. Some of the novels that Alastair Borthwick wrote Always A Little Further and Sans Peur. Sans Peur was more focused on the matters of the Second World War, and it was then reissued in the 1980s. The move forced him to acclaim.

It has become quite difficult for most of the people to describe the life of the Alastair by the use of one word. The reason is that he narrates of the story was from nature to war and the vice versa. Most of his artwork was meant to shape the next generation.

Alastair Borthwick in his book Always A Little Further was mainly based on the adventure of the Scottish mountain. This was found to be one of the best during that time in the sense that most of the mountaineering literature at the time was based on the matters of real-life experience.

Borthwick place of birth was Rutherglen, but the region that he grew up was Troon and Glasgow. He was a student at Glasgow High School.

Chris Burch Helps Other Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur, investor and the current founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch has been involved in the success of many brands such as Faena Hotel + Universe, Voss Water, Tory Burch, Poppin and Jawbone. His portfolio of brands ranges from hospitality to business and office supply to women’s apparel and accessories. Burch acquired Nihiwatu, an Indonesian luxury resort, which was ranked as the #1 hotel in the world in 2016 by Travel + Leisure Magazine. Burch also launched his own brand Cocoon9 in 2014, which is a collection of luxury prefab homes that include contemporary design, energy efficient features and space-saving floor plans. The idea for Cocoon9 came from the “tiny house movement” which Burch appreciated. Burch is also involved in philanthropy and has provided funding to Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYU Langone, The Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement, The China Association of Social Work and The Child Welfare League of China.

Chris Burch got the idea for Burch Creative Capital from his own success in apparel in the past. He tended to notice “how products and services” could be “improved upon.” This led him to create Burch Creative Capital to help entrepreneurs with his knowledge and resources by funding their ideas. Burch attributes the success of his company to taking risks. Burch states that he has “taken many risks” and had “his share of failures” but they have gotten him to where he is today and that he “is happy.” Find out more about Chris Burch:

Isabel Dos Santos: A Powerful Influence in the Investment Industry

One of the prides of Angola, Africa is the daughter of their former president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Her name is Isabel Dos Santos and she is known for being a very successful business woman who has clawed and worked for her success and has paved a road of her own outside of the family’s political lineage (LinkedIn).

Isabel Dos Santos has always been interested and very curious in the business of media, retail, telecommunications, finance and the energy industry – both in her home town of Angola and abroad in Portugal. Even with her businesses in Angola, the Nova Cimangola, a cement company, she is also engrossed and fascinated with the business of oil and diamonds. Isabel Dos Santos owns Jadeium which has recently acquired a percentage of the shares of ZON Multimedia from Spain.

Isabel Dos Santos has also worked on the development, improvement of a retail company in Angola. She has used her majority control of Condis and has collaborated with a Portuguese business about 8 years ago to be able to accomplish this venture. Isabel Dos Santos has also been working with Paulo de Azevedo and his team to be able to open the very first supermarket in Angola, this was accomplished 6 years ago in 2013.

Isabel Dos Santos holds a lot of shares in various companies, here are a few industries and companies that Isabel Dos Santos is involved in:


  1. A Gibraltar Vehicle Company that is family owned – Trans Africa Investment Services
  2. Unitel International Holdings
  3. Santoro Finance
  4. Esperaza Holdings
  5. Condis

With all the successes and achievements of Isabel Dos Santos – her name is very popular now in the business world and she is known as a woman of grace, genius and power. Forbes has listed Isabel Dos Santos as one of the Top 100 most influential women and has valuated her at over 3.5 billion US dollars. Isabel Dos Santos is also the first ever woman who is a billionaire that hails from Africa. Isabel Dos Santos has definitely made waves of her own and has made her name as one of the most respected and most successful names in the business.