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Doe Deere’s Ever Expanding Creative Online Stores

Doe Deere is famously known for her cult followed make up brand Lime Crime. Doe did not always start out with the ambitions to become a creator of a coveted make up line though. Doe grew up in Russia and attended a typical elementary school. While in elementary school her entrepreneurial spirit began to shine. She would sell temporary tattoos to her classmates and turn a small profit. These meager beginnings allow us a glimpse of the hard driven business woman that she would become.

Doe traveled to the United States to settle in New York in design school. She always had a creative side and she knew early on that it needed to be recognized and developed. She also was part of a band while in New York. Her creative abilities really began to flourish while she resided in New York. Doe started an online clothing store coincidentally called Lime Crime. Her store was an eBay store and she quickly hit a rut while setting up shop. She noticed that accessorizing her models adequately was going to be difficult due to the lacking color pallets available in the make-up industry at the time.


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(Article link in bio) 🎇 THANK YOU @forbes! Seriously. As a female CEO, you don’t get a lot of praise. You hear lots of criticism your way almost daily, while your biggest accomplishments and sacrifices often go unnoticed. Acknowledgements like this are rare and so important – a huge milestone in an entrepreneur’s career. It took me 10 years of daily hustle & sacrifice to get here. Thank you for making an incredible start to my year! #forbes #forbeswomen #femaleentrepreneur #girlboss #womenempowerment #girlssupportgirls

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Instead of just settling for what was available Doe decided to make waves and create her own unicorn color inspired make up line. She was extremely specific when it came to adhering to her beliefs. Doe’s Lime Crime cosmetic line is cruelty free and fully vegan. It has been stamped by the leaping bunny approval seal and PETA. She started her product line with a web based store only. She would host contests and offer free make up in return for fan comments and sharing. Her line grew from lipstick colors to eye shadow pallets, nails, brushes and even hair color.

Recently Doe decided to further her business expertise and open a invite only online jewelry store. Poppyangeloff was created to help women who enjoy eccentric and bold statement jewelry pieces but have smaller hands and bone structure. Doe’s new jewelry line allows women to accessorize in a stylish way while staying true to their size and style likes.

Jose Auriemo Neto Accomplishments in JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto holds a special place in the property market. The popular businessman is the chief executive officer of one of the leading construction companies in Brazil, known as JHSF. The position was offered to him in the year 2003. More than fifteen years later, the top executive has delivered what the management expected him to do. Mr. Neto started working with the institution in the year 1993. During these years, Jose Auriemo Neto managed to secure so much knowledge in the market.

The businessman also earned the trust of the clients who needed the services offered by JHSF. Before becoming a top member of the board of directors, the businessman has proved to the company that his primary goal was to prioritize the needs of the real estate company in all platforms. The residential and commercial projects that have been completed by Jose Auriemo Neto and his own organization are out of this world. The quality of these projects is what makes the company unique and appreciated by clients in Brazil.The competition in the property market, especially in Latin America, has been going up each day.

The industry has attracted the wealthy and respected personalities based in Brazil. The consumers, on the other hand, want to enjoy living and working in the most luxurious buildings. Jose Auriemo and his expert team take time before they can accomplish any project. The engineers hired by this company have the best skills, and they only focus in meeting the demands of the customers. Becoming a leader in the Brazilian property market means that JHSF is being managed by the right personalities. Auriemo is in charge of the complex decision making activities carried out by JHSF. Because he has worked in the company for so long, the executive has been able to show his team the right path all the time.

The Amazing Portfolio of Lincolnshire Management

One of the major private equity firms in the world, Lincolnshire Management has been making a major impact in the business world. Lincolnshire has more than thirty years of of experience working with a variety industries. The company focuses the majority of its energy on growing middle market companies. They have a unique collaborative approach and they draw on their years of experience.

Lincolnshire Management is headquartered in New York City. The company has several regional offices in major cities such as Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles. They focus on investing in acquisitions of buyouts, financially successful private companies and corporate divestitures. The company has been responsible for managing private equity funds of nearly two billion dollars. Most recently Lincolnshire acquired Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV which totaled eight hundred and thirty-five million dollars. Furthermore they have funds ranked as high or higher than many other private funds.

Recently Lincolnshire Management made major news. The company sold the Italy-based Fabbri Group. Fabbri Group is a company known for providing wrapping machines and related parts for the fresh food packaging industry. The buyer in this transaction was Argos Soditic. Lincolnshire also collaborated with several other successful groups during this transactions. William Blair served as the exclusive financial advisor for the transaction.

The managing director at Lincolnshire, Ottavio Serena Di Lapigio spoke very highly of the recent transaction. Lapigio believes the investment in the Fabbri Group was successful as a result of a solid relationship with the employees and the remaining the shareholder group. The company has seen improvements in their operations along with expansion across the country.

Lincolnshire Management continues to focus on its large portfolio. Their energy is specifically centered around their 57 platform investments and their 31 add‐on acquisitions. The company has been very successful in getting these daunting tasks completed.

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Hussain Sajwani Speaks About His Relationship with Trump Organization

Hussain Dubai business ideas are real. People who have followed his secrets to success know this too well. According to the real estate expert, free trade should never be considered to be a luxury. At sixty-six years old, the DAMAC Properties founder has seen it all in the world of investments. He now encourages other people who are willing to follow his footsteps and emerge huge profits at the end of the day. The businessman, who has several deals with the Trump Organization, says that nothing catches him by surprise in the market any more. The amount of expertise he has been acquiring over the years helps him prepare for difficult time before they present themselves. Hussain Sajwani is one of the biggest supporters of Donald Trump trade ideas. The businessman says that the tough opinion given by Donald Trump about trade in China is true.

In the past one year, the global trade conditions that were taking place hurt DAMAC Properties in the world way. The share prices went down significantly, affecting the wealth of the billionaire. His fortune is considered to be $3.6 billion at the moment, something the real estate expert has noticed. Despite the decline, the real estate company has announced that it is willing to remain dedicated to its mission of retaining very high levels of activity in the world. Led by Hussain Sajwani, the real estate giant says that its prime goal at the moment is to build as many luxurious properties in European cities as possible.

Speaking in one of the recent interviews conducted by a popular platform, the DAMAC owner days that there is no any hindrance he will face just because he has common businesses with the prestigious Trump Organization. According to him, the two companies signed a special agreement several months ago. Both institutions are happy about the move they have taken. Hussain Sajwani, however, says that Donald Trump position as president doesn’t affect the business activities undertaken by the organizations. Hussain Sajwani takes his role in the company with so much dedication, motivating his employees to go an extra mile in their duties.

3 Reasons Why Fortress Investment Group Is Successful

Diversification according to many management pundits is a true mark of a successful company. One of the few companies that have illustrated that a company can be diversified in its products and not lose the authenticity and grasp of its market is Fortress Investment Group. It is also important to note that to Fortress, diversification has been a journey.

Currently, the company offers many services to a wide variety of investors. It has always been a dream of Fortress Investment Group not only give their clients a more extensive array of services but also provide these services in the best way possible.

Currently, Fortress operates in a five-pillar structure. According to the management of the company, these five pillars have always given the company an ability to cover more areas in the alternative investment market. Some of the key areas the company is passionate about include the following. First, the company has over the years build its assets based business to match with the global standards. It is impressive to note that the process has been successful and the company is a leader in the assets based industry

Second, it is essential to appreciate the fact that Fortress Investment Group has been passionate about capital markets and the company is currently a global leader in this specific niche. Third, the company is synonymous with smooth corporate acquisitions and mergers — another key areas the company is keen on includes operational management and expanding the industry knowledge. These strides are an indication of the quality of leadership this company has over the past years it has been in operations. Fortress Investment Group has always been a home to the best analysts and managers in the world of investment.

In addition to the company’s brilliant approach to investment, it is important to note that the company has one of the most profound expansion agenda to the world of investment. The company understands that although the USA market is the most advanced regarding operations and efficiency, there are other markets with similar potential and this is the reason why Fortress Investment Group has been expanding.


Krishen Iyer is Not Afraid to Share His Success

Krishen Iyer is a successful businessman who frequently shares his processes and marketing strategies with entrepreneurs of all levels. Iyer is both CEO and founder of Managed Benefit Services of Carlsbad, where he and his associates provide commerce services and consulting to various sectors.

Iyer is known for his client interfacing and technological developments, and for putting his clients as his number one priority. He graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in public administration and urban development, but later moved his specialty after realizing that companies all over had one specific need. He confirmed, in an interview with Ideamensch, that he began his company, Quick Link Marketing, based on the idea that firms needed individualized marketing solutions with specialized lead generation systems, a process that was not widely available at the time.

Krishen Iyer of Carlsbad discusses his concerns, celebrations, and even his background that brought him to where he is. He is excited about how specific analytics have become in his field, and discusses how he believes communication is the most important factor in his trade, and the key way to bring ideas to life.

One important lesson Iyer has learned in life is the value of an opportunity in the face of a negative workplace. When asked what was the worst job he ever held, Iyer states that every job provided an opportunity for him to learn something, and therefore, each had a positive outcome.

There are many successful businessmen out there, but not all of them are leaders. Iyer offers advice to any entrepreneur who is willing to listen; for example, he offers the business model of his own company, where lead generation can be gained through technology, as one that is adaptable to any industry. Iyer also provides an insight into his own company team-building, where he recently invited his colleagues out to a karaoke tavern and even covered the tab for those who performed. This style of team-building and his sharing of success makes Iyer a leader in his field.

“Renovia CEO Marc Beer Raises $42 Million to Advance Care for Female Pelvic Floor Disorders “

Marc Beer, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and Co-founder for Renovia Inc, is an expert manager who boasts over 25 years of experience in both commercialization and development in the medical industry. He has overseen the production of products in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and device markets of U.S. medical products. Beer also serves as CEO of ViaCell, a specialist biotechnology firm focused on the preservation, collection, and development of umbilical cord stem cells. Marc Beer joined the company back in 2000. Since his involvement, the company has expanded to over 300 employees.


In addition to ViaCell and Renovia, Marc Beer is also the founding chairman for the directors’ board of GSGCC, which stands for Good Star Genetics Compensation Committee. He holds the title of founding chairman for the Minerva Neurosciences Inc Audit Committee, or MNIAC. Beer is also a member of the BAC, or Business Advisory Council at Miami University as well the Graduate Studies Research, or GSR, of Notre Dame. Basically, Beer is a big deal in medical circles. Now he is making a splash in the area of women’s health.


Recently, Marc Beer raised over $42 million dollars through Renovia for the development of both diagnostic and therapeutic products that treat pelvic floor disorders. Pelvic floor disorders occur when the “hammock” that holds pelvic organs weakens. The results of such a condition lead to urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence. For those at home, this means people develop weak bowels and cannot control their excretions. Urinary incontinence is estimated to affect 250 million women globally. Renovia’s first productfocused on pelvic floor disorders, titled Leva, recently gained FDA approval back in April.


A good part of the funding came from the Longwood Fund, which is a healthcare-focused investment firm. Altogether the $42 million will pay for the development of four additional diagnostic and therapeutic products aimed at pelvic floor disorders. Essentially, it is the next phase in the Leva device. The funding will also pay for initial trials of the drugs as well. Beer has high hopes for the investment and recently discussed his view in a public statement.


“It is a thrill to have support from healthcare investment leaders in the treatment of the millions of women affected by pelvic floor disorders,” Beer stated. “Together we share a vision of better diagnoses, treatment, and improvement for the millions of women who have pelvic floor disorders.” Renovia will use a digital health platform run off of sensor technology to create new treatment options for female pelvic floor disorders. Hopefully, the next generation of Leva will better equip healthcare providers with solutions to pelvic floor disorders, while lowering the associated long-term healthcare cost that is usually attached. Learn more:


OSI Group and McDonalds Successful Business Relationship

The success of most businesses is built on the uniqueness of their product, it’s a way of conducting business i.e the quality of their services, the loyalty of their clients and most importantly, it’s relations and affiliations with other businesses. These factors create a cushion for the business to fall back on whenever the business just a barrier. Businesses that have created and maintained a loyal network or affiliations are still running successfully even when others failed during recessions. OSI Group McDonalds are such kind of business. During it’s over a century of food processing and services, the OSI Group McDonalds have created long-lasting relationships and loyal client base with other food service industries like with the McDanolds.

The history of OSI Group McDonalds.

The OSI food processing industry was founded by a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky in the early 1900s. Before it became one of the world’s largest meat processing industry, the OSI industry was a small family-run meat market in Chicago, Illinois. At that time, German immigrants made up a quarter of Chicago’s population. The city was an ideal place to start a business since it was a breeding ground for industries and a gateway for immigrants who were on their way to establish farms on the western plains.

Due to the quality of services the business and Otto Kolschowsky provided, within a decade of existence, OSI Group McDonalds had expanded its services and grew into a wholesale business which led to the industry moving its operations to Maywood, another suburb in Chicago. Almost half a decade later, Ray Kroc opened the first of what would become one of the world’s largest food chain, the MacDonalds, in Des Plaines, Illinois. Before he opened the Des Plaines restaurant, Ray Kroc had gotten into an agreement with the Otto and Son’s representatives, Arthur and Harry, to be the first suppliers of ground beef. Just like that, a lasting business relationship was established.
As the McDonald’s franchise grew so did the relationship between the two. They were symbiotically joined. Supplying the McDonald’s the ever-growing number restaurants with meat products has become the OSI’s primary task.

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Madison Street Capital leads Sachs Capital Group in a take-private transaction with RMG Networks

Sachs capital group is a company on a mission to broaden its horizons. As part of its expansion plan, Sachs recently purchased RMG networks, renowned media hardware, and software service provider.


RMG networks enables businesses to increase their efficiency in meeting and surpassing the needs of their clientele by providing digital messaging services such as digital signage. The firm boasts an impressive market base which is inclusive of a 50% market share in the Fortune 100 companies. In respect to that, it is not only a valuable asset to the Sachs Capital group, but will also enable the firm to gain even more leverage in this highly competitive arena.


However, the acquisition wouldn’t have been a success without other financial facilities being involved and as such Sachs hired a proficient team of financial investment advisors from Madison. The team served as the exclusive advisor to the company, while Merion Investment partners and Virgo capital offered financing to facilitate the completion of the acquisition.


Commenting on the matter, Madison’s chief executive officer Charles Botchway gave credit where it’s due by congratulating Barry Petersen, Madison street capital’s senior managing director and his team of advisory experts from Madison on a successful transaction.


Sachs Capital group CEO, Gregory Sachs also echoed the same sentiments by acknowledging Madison teams’ A class expertise in ensuring that everything was smooth sailing during the transaction. He also acknowledged Madison’s guidance in identifying RMG’s capital sources.


On the other hand, the experience was fun for the Madison street capital advisory team. This is according to Brian Petersen who was leading the team. This was a take-private acquisition which means RMG will no longer be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. On its end, RMG benefits with $1.29 per share.


Info on Sachs capital group


Sachs Capital Group is an alternative investment firm that was established in 2008 by Gregory H. Sachs. It focuses on investments in high growth sectors with the potential for risk-adjusted returns such as RMG network.


About Madison Capital group

On the other hand, Madison is a renowned Chicago-based global investment banking firm. Madison street capital, famous for its top-notch corporate financial advisory services. It boasts decades of experience and expertise in this realm and has been part of numerous transactions similar to the one outlined above. Madison street capital reputation when it comes to integrity and great service delivery has turned it into one of the most sought out firms in the finance realm. Its highly experienced team as well its panel of dedicated leaders have seen it become one of the most sought out companies when it comes to financial advisory services.


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Serge Belamant: the Co-Founder of Zilch Technology Limited

Serge Belamant was born in 1953 in the small town of Tulle located in France. He would then spend most of his childhood there until he reached the age of 14 when he moved to South Africa with his parents. He learned to speak English when he attended Highlands North High School. Serge excelled in sports especially rugby and chess. After completing his high school studies, Serge was enrolled in an engineering course at Witwatersrand University. However, he switched his initial course to undertake a course in computer science and applied mathematics. This was attributed to the fact that he loved solving mathematical problems. Unfortunately, after two years Serge Belamant discontinued his studies to pursue a course in Information Systems through UNISA.

Serge Belamant’s Work Background

With more than 20 years at his disposal, his vast knowledge and experience on biometrics, fields’ operations research, computer science, and artificial intelligence. He co-founded Zilch Technology Limited on July 17th, 2018. Before that, he had worked in various positions for different companies. Serge Belamant served as Managing Director of Net1 Investment holdings from October 1989 to September 1995. During his business service there, he spent a decade working as a computer scientist tasked with the sole responsibility of smooth running of Control Data Corporation. As a result of his dedication, he won numerous international awards. Belamant has a number of patented inventions to his name ranging from game-related ones to biometrics and FTS.

Zilch Technology Limited Expectations

About Serge Belamant company; Zilch Technology Limited seeks to bridge the gap between customers and companies by converting browsers into potential buyers. The company’s headquarters is in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Currently, it has one active director and has been running without any interruptions as from July. Expectations are high for the company given that it is owned by the technological genius Serge Belamant. It is expected that in the next ten years the company would have opened branches in other parts of the world.